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Tips to have your car life long

Snapshot: We are yet to find a fountain of youth for ourselves that can make us look ever young. However, keeping your car young is relatively easy, all you have to do is follow these simple tips.

Proper maintenance of the car not only gives it a long life but also help your car to performance well even after getting old. Each automotive part in your vehicle has its own life and getting them changed timely gives long life to your vehicle. Here are some of the tips which will give your car long life.

Check Engine Oil

You can check engine oil on your own. Park your car on a flat surface, turn off the ignition and wait for couple of minutes so that engine oil gets drained into the oil pan. Now you can open the bonnet of your car and pull out the engine oil dipstick, if you can’t locate the engine oil dipstick you can take help of the user’s manual.

After pulling out the engine oil dipstick, wipe it with a clean tissue and then put it back to its place. Now pull the dipstick back again and check the level of oil in your car. The oil level should touch the mark Full, if it is not then top it up with the same brand engine oil which you have used earlier.

To Top Up the engine oil, make sure that you are using the same brand and type engine oil which are already being used. Add a small amount at a time and wait for couple of second so that it drained into the engine oil pan and then check the oil level again, if it is not at Full then add few more amount.

Also, even if the engine oil level is already at Full, you must check the status of the engine oil, if it is not transparent and not sticky; it’s time to change the engine oil.

Check Engine Coolant

If the coolant level in your car is low, it may cause overheating of the engine which may further affect the performance of the engine and also it may damage the engine badly.

To check the engine coolant level make sure engine is not hot. Opening the radiator or coolant overflow tank while engine is hot might spurt the fluid out and burn you. Turn off the ignition and wait for some time until the temperature of engine go down. Now check the coolant level, it must be between Full and Low marks in the coolant tank. If the coolant is at lower level, then top it up. If the coolant level is frequently going down, then get your car inspected by the authorized dealer, there may be a coolant leak.


Check the tyre pressure of your car at least once in a month, and keep the tyre pressure at the recommended level for optimum performance of the car and also for the long life of your tyre. You can buy a tyre pressure gauge to check tyre pressure on your own.

Make sure you are not filling the air in your tyre at the maximum pressure which is listed on tyre as it is not idle, as it may cause tyre burst if you are running at high speed for long time, especially in summers. Running car at high speed for long time may heat up the tyre which further increases the pressure inside the car which may cause burst. Refer to the user’s manual of the car for idle pressure.

Also, for better performance rotate tyres at every 6000 to 8000 kilometers. To make this practice easy you can do it every time you change the engine oil.

If you feel vibrations at steering at high speed it time to get your wheel balanced again. If you car pulls on left or right side on the road, there may be some wheel alignment issue so get it checked soon.

Change Air Filters Timely

 It is advisable to change air filters every time you change engine oil. Air filters are inexpensive in cost but if it becomes dirty it badly affects the performance especially the mileage of the car. Also, if air filters are dirty there may be a chance that your car can get failed at road side emission tests. It is quite easy to change the air filters and you can do it on your own be referring the user’s manual. Though, it will be wise to get it done at authorized service station while changing the engine oil.

Regular Service & Inspection

To ensure long life of your car, take your car to the authorized service center for regular check up at least twice in a year. Technicians at service center will lift your car to check all the major components including brakes, suspensions, ball joints etc.

The only way to get best from your car is by treating your car well. By the proper maintenance you will always have a pleasure to drive a good looking car with good performance and ride comfort. Proper maintenance of the car not only gives you a long life to your car but also, when you decide to move for a new car it gives you a very good resale value.

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