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Tips to prevent motion sickness in a car

Tips to prevent motion sickness in a car

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Have you ever felt dizzy when travelling in a car? Have you felt any kind of sickness? If yes, then you are suffering for car sickness, which is a kind of motion sickness. Motion sickness is a result of disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion. These mixed signals, which are sent to the brain, can cause fatigue, dizziness and nausea, might make your ride quite miserable. Motion sickness is a very common problem faced by people. If you are experiencing car sickness, then you are most likely to fear every long road trip. Though it may be impossible to prevent all cases, the following tips can help lessen the severity of car sickness.

Open the window
Certain smells (such as car air fresheners, perfumes, smoke or food) can make people feel worse. Open the window and let fresh air come in as it makes them feel better. If possible, remove the cause of the irritating smell. If it is not, spray a soothing smell like lavender or mint to camouflage other smells. Also if it is not possible to open the window, lean towards the bottom of the window and breathe. There should be some air leaks.

Avoid heavy food and odours
Smelly food can cause motion sickness before or during the trip. It is advisable to avoid strong smelly food to prevent nausea. Don't eat anything heavy, instead eat something like before the journey so that your stomach has something to process. Carry ginger candies or ginger biscuits with you as ginger is a great example for preventing car sickness.

Eat a little or don't eat all
Sometimes eating can work for or against you. Always see what works for you. About an hour before you leave, eat a piece of bread or toast, or plain crackers. If eating makes you feel sick, don't eat next time when you travel. It's better to stay empty stomach.

Sleep when travelling
Closing your eyes and sleeping can be a good option when travelling in car. When your eyes are closed, you get to see nothing, which in return removes one of the cause of motion sickness. Sleeping helps you divert your mind from car sickness.

Sit in the front
If you have the opportunity to drive, drive. Drivers rarely face motion sickness as their mind is always focused on the road. Second best option is to sit in the front passenger's seat. If you plan to sit in front you get more window space and the ride is less bumpy as compared when sitting in the back.

Take breaks
Take breaks if your journey is long. Stop the car and do stretching exercises. Spending a lot of time in the car can have negative effect on one's health. So stopping the car for regular intervals helps in easing car sickness.

Important medicines
There are over the-counter and prescription drugs that are effective against motion sickness. Medicines like dimenhydrinate, meclizine or scopolamine are available easilty. Some popular brands are Dramamine and Gravol. Do not forget to read about side effects before using.

Prevent car sickness in kids
It is not clear why children are affected by car sickness more than the others. Car sickness doesn't seem to affect infants and toddlers, but children between the age of 2-12 are more prone. If you kid faces car sickness, stop the car immediately and let your kid get out of the car. Make him walk around or let him lie back for a few minutes with closed eyes. Place a cool cloth on his forehead. Also keep a check on his diet and eating habits during the journey.

Car sickness in dogs
Even dogs can experience car sickness. If the dogs are sitting facing forward and not looking outside the window, they can feel nauseating. Avoid your dog to ride on the front passenger seat. In case of any accidents airbags can cause hazard to dogs.  Lower the car windows a few inches when the car is moving. This will balance the air pressure inside and outside the car, which in turn will reduce dog's nausea and discomfort.

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