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Top 10 best looking cars in India

Top 10 best looking cars in India

Snapshot: We bring you a list of top 10 best looking cars in India, around the budget of Rs 50 lakh.

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They say look can be deceptive sometimes, but we say, when it comes to automobiles, looks are what makes them desirable. Throughout the history, manufacturers have worked hard to build cars aesthetically superior and beautiful like none other. But you can't please everyone and that is what manufacturers or rather designers face, when they launch their car.

Sales, is although the ultimate criterion, there are a number of factors which drives sales. Good looks is one of them. We bring you a list of top 10 best looking cars in India, around the budget of Rs 50 lakh, because going upwards, means all the supercars will be included here. Rather, our aim is to bring out the best of production oriented, mass cars.

Top 10 best looking cars in India (in no particular order):

Fiat Punto Evo
Have a budget of Rs 5-6 lakh and your only search criteria is good looks? Then the new Fiat Punto Evo is the car for you! Fiat re-entered India in collaboration with Tata Motors, appointing them as the in-charge for the sales and service. They initially launched 2 vehicles, Punto and Linea and despite of having good looking and reliable cars, couldn't push the sales. They later moved to the independent network in India and since the expansion, launched 2 new vehicles, and the Punto Evo is one among them. The looks of the car speaks for itself, with a big stylish grille upfront, scooped back headlights, and chrome fog lights.

Hyundai Elite i20
The Korean manufacturer is often known to build reliable and low cost cars. But they played a masterstroke by appointing an all new design philosophy, known as the Fluidic design. Since then, there is no stopping for the manufacturer. They have launched some of the best looking cars around the globe, and the recent addition to the list is the new Elite i20. Replacing their successful i20 premium hatchback, the new Elite i20 looks far more mature, with sharper lines and a completely redesigned exteriors. The best we liked in the car is the thick black c-pillars.

Skoda Octavia
Skoda, the Czech manufacturer is a part of the Volkswagen group, and most of the time, Skoda and Volkswagen makes car similar to each other. But the Skoda gave their most sold car, a makeover, making it look more aggressive and better. The design is more sleek now, housing a new grille and headlights, with a changed Skoda Emblem. Although it looks very square shape and simple, but this design is a classy one and will age well over a period of time, just like the first generation Octavia.

Mercedes-Benz A Class
You want to feel like a celebrity? Then own a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. This is undoubtedly the best looking hatch in the world, and a head turner too. And those matt finish colors just make it look out of this world. The smallest car, from the stable of Mercedes in India, is also the benchmark in terms of finesse. Be it the big grille with LED DRLs in headlights, or the rear section with sloping roof and c-section tail-lights, there are very few other cars that can match the elegance and sporty stance of this car.

Audi A3
Audi A3 is the least capacity sedan from Audi, but the best looking one. The newly launched sedan, sports the essential Audi design both in front and at back. But what differs it is the LED DRLs and the fog light section with black housing. At the rear, the tail lights are more sleek and elongated, having presence, both on the boot as well as the tail section. 

Hyundai Santa Fe
SUV and good looking? Yes, they can be and especially if they are from the house of Hyundai! Look at the car, it manages to look mean and gorgeous at the same time. The three slat design of the grille, with angular swept back headlamps and the protruding skid plates, give it a unique face. On the back also, the SUV reflects Hyundai's new and refined design philosophy.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz is one such brand, who can be given credit to redefine the luxury car market in India. Now, with the new design and the latest gizmos, they are winning the always interesting big 3 German brand rivalry. The previous generation C-Class was way ahead of its league, thanks to the design, but the soon to be launched 2015 C-Class has taken the level a notch ahead. The design is inspired from the AMG GT and looks more than classy. While A-Class is the best looking hatchback, there is no doubt that Merc C-Class is the best looking sedan.

Volvo S60
Volvo is known for safety, not for design. You think so? Look at the Volvo S60 sedan and your perception about the company will change forever! S60 is the perfect definition of aggressive, mean, beautiful, elegant, and much more. To start with, those parking lights tucked in between the headlights and small grille, looks brilliant. Then the unique fog lamp and lip formation down below completes the face with a grace. On the rear, the tail-lights are as good as they can be and so is the overall design. All in all, the S60 has all the capabilities to be a perfect GT car.

Range Rover Evoque 
While the Hyundai Santa Fe was the epitome of SUVs in terms of design, Range Rover Evoque is the epitome of luxury SUVs. Coming from the house of Jaguar-Land Rover, exotic design comes naturally to this SUV. But that is not the only reason she is good looking. The SUV exhibits a certain sense of design, which makes you fall in love with her instantaneously. That slopping roof, a headlight like none other, skid plates in the front and the minute rear window, and massive skid plates at the rear, makes this car unique in every aspect. To top it all, the color combination of dual shade on the roof and body, makes it even more aggressive.

Jaguar XF
From the time man started loving the beautiful cars, Jaguar name have always come up in the front of every known list. The beautiful and classy products from the British manufacturer always attract royalties towards this brand. Jaguar XF may be the cheapest offering from the brand in the country, but it definitely the best one. That oval grille housing the Jaguar Emblem and the massive air intake makes car gorgeous from the front. But the back side is where the car looks distinctively good. The car has one of the best looking rear section, with the large chrome strip.

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