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Top 10 Spot checks to do every month

Top 10 Spot checks to do every month

Snapshot: We bring you top 10 spot checks to do on your car every month.

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It is the best feeling ever to own the car of your dreams, and taking it all over the town on a breezy weather day. Owning a car is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time, the intense element of worry can be washed away, if owners follow the basic rules of doing car checks every month. It is imperative to have sound knowledge on car checks, and it must be done regularly, to just be safe and maintain the glorious state of your prized possession.

The usage output of cars has increased leaps and bounds, mainly because of the steep extent of industrialization that has happened over the years. The developments are rapid caused by growth in software and consulting world. There are also so many recreational activities out there, so much more than what it was years ago with bowling, gaming, cultural events, concerts, musicals and so on.

With so much happening in the professional and frivolous world, there are so many car maintenance factors to consider. The critical components go beyond the normal tire and engine checks. Let’s browse through the vital factors for optimum car safeguarding.

Wash your car regularly to prevent the onset of rust, clean it regularly to preserve the brand new car shine. With the alarming increase in pollution over the years, and tarry roads, it is possible for harmful substances to adhere to cars. Gently wash your car with warm water and remove light dirt and stain, use soft cloth or sponge to remove stubborn particles. Clean windows with sponge and rinse slowly. Most cars are sold with a bodywork warranty scheme that can be extended; it will be beneficial to seek aid of a car service technician on bodywork maintenance.

Power Steering
Power steering is a very important component of car maintenance, the malfunctioning of it, due to unforeseen circumstances, can be dangerous. It happens when the fluid level in the power steering tank that controls the steering wheel is low. If the fluid reduces to an unfavourable level, drivers can just lose control, and it is not at all safe. To avoid mishaps, check the power steering tank and fill it regularly, it is fitted beneath the engine, and most of the time on passenger’s side and sometime on driver’s side. To recognize it the word steering is engraved on top.

With the advancement of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, night shifts are common. To cater to changed work trends, cars have fog, brake, head and tail lights. All these have to be checked and cleaned regularly to maintain the intensity of illumination, as on a damp rainy day there are chances of spoilage.

Check the car's windscreen frequently and clean it. A crystal clear windscreen is important for heightened visibility. It can get spoiled during rainy weather.

Coolant Level
Monitor the coolant level of engine, and check the antifreeze concentration. Antifreeze is an important anti-corrosion agent. The build up of corrosion is dangerous for your car.  

Engine Oil
Check engine oil regularly, change filter and oil frequently as per the manual, according to the correct specifications. It is a crucial factor before heading to a long drive, and there are chances of engines coming to a halt, if the oil usage is high.

It is important to know the various tool equipment, particularly the jacking joins that lift cars.

Tires have to be checked regularly. Make sure that there is a spare one for that unknown emergency.

Screen & Wiper Wash
A screen wash removes sticky particles effectively. So, go for a regular wash. Check the wiper blades, these can get worn out during damp weather, and should be replaced.

Most of us don't give a damn to, but these basic maintenance tips can save you from a disaster

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