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Top 10 things that save the day for Motorcycle Riders!!

Top 10 things that save the day for Motorcycle Riders!!

Snapshot: Lets talk about 10 things that can save the day for you, when you ride!

One thing which life was never designed to be, was it to be safe. If you look closely, every single moment our lives are fraught with immense risk to our three-dimensional existence, and it shouldn't be a surprise if we say that we spend majority of our lives trying to stay alive from the various thrills life has a tendency to throw at us. A hole which a construction company conveniently forgot to fill up or a drunk truck driver who was promised immortality by his empty bottles of rum, or just a hungry tiger wanting to show how irrelevant being on top of the food chain is, when the lord of the jungle feels the need to feed.

Fortunately, our ancestors struggled hard to get to the top of the heap on this blue dot 93 million miles from the sun. It helped us to direct our focus to turn towards managing the risk of activities that add quality to our lives rather than merely sustaining it. For us, motorcycles are basically the reason we exist and breath and well, do most of the stuff we do, form the primary focus in our lives – once we get beyond sustenance and procreation. So, here we’ve collected 10 things that will help protect you against injury. Most of these are tangible items you could actually hold in your hands. Some, however, are impossible to physically quantify. Still, they’ll keep you happily riding for many years.

10. Rider Training Classes - 

Yeah Yeah we know!!! India doesn't really have a lot many Rider Training Institutes, but the unprecedented growth in the market and the continuous rapid increase in the amount of people who want to be tourers and rider's of the two-wheeled nirvana machines, we reckon, the days are close by when you would have enough rider training institutes to cater to the increasing density of people wanting to learn how to ride well. Riding a motorcycle is much too difficult to depend on the haphazard nature of trial-and-error. Since the potential costs of learning from our motorcycling mistakes is so high, proper training will set the novice rider loose on the street with enough knowledge to go about the challenging work of learning how to ride. So, while basic skills and survival strategies aren’t something you can see or hold, they’re great to have in your back pocket as you rack up the miles. Even if you’ve ridden for years, you can still learn valuable skills from a class.

In the meantime, do talk and discuss with peole who have a decent experience in riding, their experience can tell you a lot of things and save your time too.

9. Waterproof Riding Gear - 

Rain Gods are generally very kind to our country, barring a few water parched areas, the country does get good rain fall during monsoons. Considering the heat waves of summers that takes out most of the ride related activities and only a handful few take on to the fire breathing Sun, Monsoons and winters are the only seasons left to enjoy the epic scenery the country has in bucket loads. While it might not be obvious, wearing rain gear during inclement weather is a safety factor. If you’re wet, cold and uncomfortable, you’re already plenty distracted, and that’s before we consider the complications of poor visibility and limited traction during precipitation. If you also want to address the poor visibility experienced by others, buy brightly coloured rain gear instead of dark colours. If you’re decked from head to toe in neon orange, nobody can claim they didn’t see you.

8. Long Pants - 

To be absolutely , completely blunt, riding in shorts is one of the stupidest things you can do. Yeah, the Chicks dig scars, but them Chick's also stay away from people with scars who got them while being dumb. At the very least, you should wear pants constructed of a sturdy enough fabric to withstand a bit of a slide. Jeans have been part of the biker uniform for generations, and they are still de rigueur for many riders. The market has got a decent range of tough jeans and there are a few riding gear manufacturers which provide riding denims too. These denims are so good in fitting and in their aptness for the rides that, once you’ve gotten used to wearing these sturdier denims, you may not want to go back to your beloved Levis. 

7. Riding Jacket - 

Let's face it, a riding jacket is the coolest thing by a fair margin in your wardrobe. Leather jackets are part of the motorcycle mystique – which explains why even non-riders choose to wear them. It has been scientifically proven that when you want to appeal to the gender of your choice, you stand a better chance of being considered sexually attractive if you’re clad in leather. Then again, the current selection of textile jackets is pretty tasty, too. 

Your biologist friend would be happy to tell this fact to you that your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it plays a vital role in providing a barrier between your bodily innards, yeah those things like the heart, liver, bones, flesh, in short the meaty centre and the hungry bacteria and viruses that surround us. Unless you love skin grafts and massive doses of antibiotics, cover your skin with a quality jacket. The good news is that the variety of leather and textile riding gear available has never been higher – and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune protecting your dermis.

6. Riding Boots - 

Motorcycle boots do more than just hold your bones in place in the event of an accident. The construction of their soles helps them to grip on slippery surfaces. If you question the importance of this, try having your foot slide out from underneath you at a stop. Sometimes you can keep the bike upright; sometimes you can’t. Increase the fun by doing this on a top-heavy touring bike – with a bunch of your friends watching. Motorcycle-specific boots are also designed to address the peculiar stresses of riding. Toe patches keep the shifter from marring the surface of the boot. Shin guards deflect errant stones and small animals. Retro-reflective materials make you more visible at night. Also, during a long day in the saddle, a set of riding boots are actually more comfortable than a pair of running shoes.

5. Armour - 

No riding safety aid has improved and has gone through modifications as much as the protective armour for the rider in a mishap than the protective ability of armour. In the olden risky and dangerous days, a couple extra thick layers of leather on your elbows and knees were considered far more than good enough. Fast Forward to today's time, and you would see that the leap has been a giant one. Now, we’re seeing crash-sensing riding gear with inflatable internal airbags make its way off the Moto GP tracks and onto the bodies of well-heeled street/track riders. For us mere mortals of middle-class incomes, an amazing array of armour that protects in varying degrees – as rated against measurable standards – can be had in even the most price-conscious riding apparel.

4. Eye Protection - 

Day in day out we have to bear the profoundly non-sensible debates of why people would not like to wear helmets, and trust us when we say, we could argue all day about helmets and whether they should be required and those of you in the anti-helmet camp would still be wrong. Though, we would like to go a step further and say that one should have a proper eye protective gear also in their collection of rider safety equipment.  While the skin is relatively sensitive part of the body, it is pretty dang sturdy when compared to the eye. So, cover your eye balls people! It doesn’t matter whether by goggles, motorcycle-specific spex, or a face shield, as long as they are sealed from intrusion of grit from the side. 

3. Riding Gloves - 

By riding gloves we mean the ones which cover your hand and wrist in all the safety there can be, not the gym friendly finger cut out ones. Also, spending long training hours to be a rider you tend to learn about things like counter- steering which is, infact an opposite to our survival instinct to steer away from a problem. Unfortunately, lots of brain-stem level survival instincts can’t be trained away. Take the instinct to break a fall by putting out a hand as you go down.

Since, from a life-saving perspective, hands are expendable compared to the torso and all its delicate internal parts, it’s virtually impossible to keep from putting your hand down in a crash – often leading to painful lessons about abrasion. So cover your paws with sturdy gloves that, at a bare minimum, close around the wrist, preventing them from being flung off in a cartwheeling tumble. 

2. Helmet - 

It is strange that just how much and just how many times we have to go around telling people about the benefits helmets provide. Helmets protect you from many things other than just the bangs on the noggin that we associate with their primary purpose. Helmets protect you from many kinds of unpleasantness. There are the elements: cold temperatures, rain, wind (with sand, no less), bug impacts, and even the sun (don’t believe this, just ask any sufferer of male pattern baldness). Helmets lessen the intensity of wind noise past our less than aerodynamic ears. Helmets are a force for good in the world. 

1. Brain , yup that thing up in your head!

To put it out bluntly, Never ride without your brain. Brainless riders are vastly overrepresented in motorcycle accident studies, with the majority of single-vehicle accidents coming as the result of brainless motorcycle operation. Using your brain will immeasurably increase your riding enjoyment – and your longevity. Although they are no guaranty of brain use, abiding by the previous nine suggestions is usually associated with brain activity. 

No brain can protect you from every possible hazardous circumstance. However, when used properly, your brain can save your butt. Never alter your brain with alcohol or harsh chemicals prior to riding, as these will prevent it from operating to its full potential.

“Always use your brain – especially when riding a motorcycle.”

Motorcycling does Improve Physical Health!!



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