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Top 3 PC Car Games For Auto Enthusiasts

Top 3 PC Car Games For Auto Enthusiasts

Snapshot: The console Vs PC war will never end but there is no denying that a large number of gamers count on their PC for gaming. Now the thing with racing games is that they don’t necessarily need to be new to be good.

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A PC is the tool of choice for a large number of gamers. Obviously the console vs PC war will never end but there is no denying that a large number of gamers count on their PC for gaming. Now the thing with racing games is that they don’t necessarily need to be new to be good. Obviously a newer one will offer better graphics, better car line-up and maybe better physics but there are times when imperfect works better. It is about how the game feels when you are giving it everything in the last lap for those extra points. So we have listed down the three racing games we like the most for the automobile enthusiasts.

Shift 2: Unleashed

This game has been around for a while and still continues to be a very impressive one. It offers excellent graphics, impressive physics, realistic feel and then some arcade style features to make it a nice package overall. In this game you have to motivation of doing things than just racing as you get bonus reward points for little things you do. Apart from posting fastest lap times or winning the race, you also earn for overtaking an opponent, blocking his progress or following the racing line.
The race progress is not very quick like some typical arcade style game. You have to work hard to slowly inch closer to your opponent and if you are trying to stick to the racing line, the job just gets a bit harder. The default view you get is from inside the driver’s helmet and they have managed to pull it off very well. But it tends to float around a bit making the job tough. However like most other games, you have to switch to chase camera if you want to win races.

The handling of the cars will take a while getting used to and the cars actually perform like they should and you can’t go and win races easily with a small front wheel drive hatchback. You will start loving the game after spending a while to get the hang of it but the process won’t be quick. You will have to sit down for hours before you can make any progress if you are new to the game. The graphics are very impressive and the level of detail, both inside and outside the car is appreciable. You can alter the difficulty settings by varying a couple of parameters so that it suits you better.

Grid 2

There are a couple of things that you need to ignore if you want to enjoy the game really. Like the fact that a M3 is faster even than Gallardo and Ford GT in NFS Most Wanted. Here with the Grid 2, the developers haven’t done anything like that but they have tried desperately to add some story and cook up a career mode. The game is pretty good without it and the racing itself if very interesting.

Ignore the fact that they have tried to add a commentator and a story for no reason at all and there is nothing wrong with the game. The gameplay is superb and the handling of cars is something you would love. And this is not just the case with high end exotics but also with the starting cars. With the purchase of each vehicle, you get to adjust the precise balance to tailor the handling characteristics. Still the car is always a bit tail happy if you push it hard around corners. There are no driving aids to help you progress and it offers better gameplay than a simulator.

The game isn’t very resource hungry and runs fine even on a mid-level gaming PC. It offers a decent mix of events and the AI is smart. You will notice that the computer also makes mistakes at times and they aren’t very stupid and bland. It is also a bit aggressive to keep the fun going. The graphics are excellent to look at and there are minor details that they have taken care of. The 12 player online multiplayer mode is pretty good as well. 

Dirt 3

The Dirt 2 was an excellent game and then a couple of years back, the nice people at codemasters went ahead and launched the Dirt 3. This is an excellent game and you will find it hard to move away from the PC once you start playing. The developers are working already on the next generation of this game but till then, we are very happy playing this one. As compared to the previous version, they have added different cars, tracks and many other little things that make a huge difference. 
There are different race events for you to choose from. There are rallycross races, stadium duels, trailblazer speed runs and few more. There are the gymkhana events where you can do crazy stunts in the DC compound. They are hard at first but you learn how to get through eventually. The game features some really beautiful scenes through the races and tearing through them at crazy speeds is fun.

With all this, the game features a strong line-up of vehicles. There are 50 vehicles to choose from and these vehicles date all the way back to 60s and 70s as well. So even if you are a fan of old generation cars, you will get them all here. However the feedback isn’t very strong and at times you feel that your car is hovering around on the track. But you get the option to tweak things so that they work better for you. This way you can alter things like brake bias and gearbox ratios to get the most out of the car. The lack of feedback might appeal everyone but it isn’t a very big deal. The other little issue here is the way co drivers read the pace notes. Apart from these minor issues, the game is excellent and would be loved by rally fans.

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