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Top 3 Xbox Games for Auto Enthusiasts

Top 3 Xbox Games for Auto Enthusiasts

Snapshot: One very popular class of games on these consoles has been racing games. Xbox One and Xbox 360 have got some really awesome games for the automobile enthusiasts. Here are some of our favourite games for the Microsoft Xbox.

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Gaming industry has come a long way in a very short time. We have moved up from playing racing games with pixelated cars to games that make the real world look rather dull. With the advancement in technology, the gaming consoles have also improved by miles. Microsoft came up with the Xbox console and its latest generation is known as Xbox One. One very popular class of games on these consoles has been racing games. Xbox One and Xbox 360 have got some really awesome games for the automobile enthusiasts. Here are some of our favourite games for the Microsoft Xbox.

Forza Horizon 2

The Forza series has always offered excellent game physics with impressive graphics. This game will blow your brains off if you are not familiar to the series however the fans won’t find it to be just a mild upgrade over the previous version. This game takes some new beautiful locations giving you stunning views and excellent roads to savour. The game progress however is a bit confusing and the events haven’t been structured properly. You get six hub locations and you travel between them in road trips.

In this version of the game, the series of races are arranged by type of car rather than the performance level unlocked. So you get categories like modern supercars, SUVs, hot hatches and more. This is just how a true automobile enthusiast would filter them. The detail on these cars is appreciable and you will notice how every crease and every corner is just perfect. The skill system introduced with the previous version has been improved in this version. You get skill points for driving with flair and you keep gaining multipliers for maintaining a chain of events. While this system is pretty good, it is still nowhere close to what we see on games like PGR.

There are various objectives or bucket list challenges as well that you accomplish as you make progress. While the game is all beautiful and features impressive cars, the handling of cars isn’t very impressive. They have improved it a bit on this version but it is still not very good. The steering is way too quick at times making vehicles hard to control and still somehow you can manage those drifts in large sweeping corners. If you want to enjoy those drifts, you should be playing the cross country races more often. There are also some major improvements in online play. You get a free roam mode which allows access to all the courses from the game.

F1 2014

This is the closest any fan can get to Formula 1 racing. Huge changes were made in the regulations for the 2014 season and that is why the cars changed a lot in design. On top of that, there was a lot of activity in teams as well and the people at codemasters would have worked overtime to make sure the changes are replicated as closely as possible. This game isn’t available on the newer Xbox One because the developers say that they are working on the game ground up for the new generation consoles.

The game starts with a practice run around Monza after which the computer suggests a difficulty level for you according to how you drove. Take our word for it, go with what is suggested as the cars tend to bite back when you make a mistake like the actual F1 cars. This defines how you will experience the game ahead of this. In the previous versions, you had to race for a full season if you continue in career mode but this time you can choose to have a shorter season of maybe 7 or 12 races. This prevents you from quitting the season halfway through and gives a sense of quick progression.

If you are looking to have bit of a quick game, you can compete in the season challenge. Here at the start of championship, you choose a rival that you will go against in every race. If you manage to beat him in two out of three races, you can replace him in his team. This game is very close to real and that is why the soundtrack is different this time. You get the whine of turbocharger when you accelerate the car. Everything down to the physics of different tyres has been accounted here. If you are on a newer generation of console already, wait to the F1 2015 to arrive.

Need For Speed: Rivals

It is impossible to ignore this series when we are talking about racing games. The character of this series has changed a lot over this long period but it is just as exciting. In the NFS Rivals, there are two different career chains that you climb up. One as a racer and the other one as a cop. While we saw stories in some NFS games, this one lacks a proper plot. You just complete a ‘Speed list’ which has got different objectives so that you unlock more cars and get to know a brief story. 

The gameplay is nice and they have used the speed points nicely. These points can be used by police to get more gadgets and by the racers to get new parts and cars. If the racer wrecks a car or gets busted, the speed points go to the police. So you have to risk staying out longer to earn more multipliers on your speed points. The gameplay is superb with a nice blend of all the events wrapped around one another. That said, it is difficult to navigate around and you can’t pause the game even in single player. However you can use Kinect voice commands to set the GPS while you are driving. The car line-up is pretty impressive with cars from lot of major manufacturers. They have also added Ferrari this time after a gap of almost 12 years. The handling of cars feels great like most other games of the NFS series. This is a great game if you can live with the slightly hollow world.

Did you ever wondor why don’t any Indians race in Formula One?

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