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Top 5 bad driving habits that are damaging your car

Top 5 bad driving habits that are damaging your car

Snapshot: No matter how good you are as a driver, few bad habits can ruin your car and cost you hefty money in repairing.

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No matter how good you are as a driver, and no matter how good care you take of your car, there are minute errors that we should immediately stop repeating in order to save our car from damage. We all take good care of our cars with regular check ups, oil changes, service, maintenance, washing, cleaning etc. But a few bad driving habits can cause a much deeper damage to your car than you can imagine.

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These bad habits are generally left unnoticed and cause unnecessary wear and tear in the vehicle. In the long run, these unforced errors could lead to a big problem that invites hefty maintenance cost. It's better to check these bad habits and give your a long age. Here're top 5 such bad driving habits that can damage your car in the long run!

Constant clutch pressure

This is a common driving syndrome with anyone who drives a manual transmission car. Most of us have a tendency to keep the left foot on the clutch almost all the time, even when you are not using it. While we take off the pressure from the foot, there's still a small amount force pressing the clutch without us knowing it. This causes the clutch plate, pressure plate and bearing to damage in the long run. It is advisable to press the clutch only when you want to engage or disengage the gear. Some of the cars offer a dead clutch for this purpose, but most of the cars are not equipped with it.

Also, you don't need to worry about this problem in the automatic cars as they don't come with a clutch. Once you have changed the gear, remove the foot off the clutch, as simple as that!

Revving cold engine

Who doesn't love to rev hard their car and listen to the exhaust note when starting the car in the morning. But as much fun as it sounds, a prolonged revving of a cold engine could damage the engine components. The reason is simple - an idle car doesn't have the oil circulated oil in the pipelines and components and takes a minute or two for the oil to circulate. If you rev the cold car, non lubricated part wear face increased wear and will be damaged in the process.



Hard stop and start

Until and unless you are a racer in some sort of motorsports, hard start and stop won't help you much. What does hard start and stop even means, you may ask? Well, when you suddenly press the pedal to start or stop the car, that's hard stop and start. While avoiding hard start is completely in your hands (or foot, pun intended), sudden stopping can be unavoidable call. Still, being alert and planning your stops way ahead will give you crucial time to do gradual braking.

Reason being, hard start and stop not only drinks a lot of oil, they also put a lot of pressure on tyres and brakes.

Less fuel in car

Yes, we all have done this and no, we are not ashamed. But putting fuel in the regulated quantity every time you get your car refilled is not a good idea, until and unless you are completely broke. The modern car is designed in such a way that the fuel pump is submerged below the fuel in order to keep it cool. If you have less amount of fuel, it will heat up the fuel pump and will cause faster wear to the pump. It's advisable to keep your tank at least a quarter filled. We know we are asking for a lot, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Resting hands on gear shift

If your car comes with a manual gearbox, chances are that you are committing this mistake for a long time now. Most people have a tendency to rest their hand on the gear lever even when they are not changing the gear. You might not know this, but the weight of your hand could damage the transmission bushings and synchronizers causing an internal wear. The best way is to keep both the hands on the wheel and use the gear knob only when needed.

This is not a case with the automatic transmissions are you only need a gear when required and the constant changing of gear is limited. Still, be vary to not keep hands on the automatic gear lever too.

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