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Top 5 best selling cars of all time

Top 5 best selling cars of all time

Snapshot: Ever wonder which are the best selling cars of all time? We compile a top 5 list for you.

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It's been more than 110 years when the first car came into existence and in these 100+ years, the industry has produced more than 1 billion cars. Year after year manufacturers roll out a newer version of either the same car or add a completely new car to their portfolio. While some models have left a tremendous mark on the industry, others proved to be duds.

Here's a list of top 5 best selling and most popular vehicles of all time in the history of automobiles!

Toyota Corolla

Units - 40 million +

Sold Since - 1966

The single most reason why Toyota came into the big picture outside of Japan and went onto become the single largest car manufacturer across the globe is the Corolla sedan. Toyota Corolla never really came across as a striking looking vehicle and till date, it's not counted among outlandishly good looking vehicle. What actually worked in favor of the Corolla was its affordability factor, fuel efficiency, practicality and Toyota's reliability. So much so is the love for Corolla in the world that it sold more than 40 million units in little over 50 years and still going strong under the name Corolla Altis in India. 

Ford F-Series

Units - 35 million +

Sold Since - 1948

For a country like India where there's hardly any pickup trucks available, this vehicle comes as a revelation. Ford F-Series pickup truck, which was first launched in 1948 has sold more than 35 million units worldwide and is still doing good. At the number 2 spot of highest selling vehicle, the Ford F-Type became the best-selling vehicle in 2011 and has evolved substantially. Ford realized the growing demand for fuel-efficient yet powerful and huge pickup trucks and the gradual enhancement kept the F-Series in demand for decades.

Volkswagen Golf

Units - 27.5 million +

Sold Since - 1974

Volkswagen, the single largest automotive conglomerate in the world launched the Golf initially with the 'Rabbit' moniker (cheesy, we know) in 1974. Later renamed to Golf, the inexpensive compact hatchback proved worth every penny and sold like hot cake across the globe. Touching more than 27.5 million sales mark in little over 40 years, the Golf is still in production and does good numbers in terms of sales. With benefits like small wheel base, great handling, VW build quality and good performance, VW Golf acts as a benchmark for the hatchback segment. Sadly, in India, we don't get any Golf.

Volkswagen Beetle

Units - 23 million +

Sold Since - 1933

It was a bug then, it's a bug now! 80+ years into existence, the Volkswagen Beetle still retains the same bug inspired design as it did in 1933 at the time of its launch. The VW Beetle has sold more than 23 million units and is still in existence. While it continues to remain one of the most recognizable cars across the globe, thanks to innumerous big screen appearances, its sales number has dipped in recent times due to the growing competition. In India too, VW Beetle couldn't do much in terms of sales, although it still feels good to watch such an iconic car on the road any given day.

Ford Escort

Units - 20 million +

Sold Since - 1968

Many of you might not be aware that the good looking and hot selling Ford Focus was once known as the Ford Escort. Yes, the Ford Escort was replaced with the modern day Focus and it's not like the Escort was successful. In fact, Escort sold more than 20 million units in its lifetime, which lasted for little more than 30 years, before it was discontinued in 2000. The Escort was one of the most famous global names in automobile industry due to its solid built and low cost. The Escort was sold in two body forms - a 2-door hatchback and a four-door wagon.

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