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Top 5 Budget Tyre Brands Available in India

Top 5 Budget Tyre Brands Available in India

Snapshot: We tell you the tyre brands to choose from when on a strict budget.....

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With the expansion of automobile industry in India, many other industries have also expanded. One of these industries is the tyre industry. A large number of domestic and international manufacturers now compete in this segment to cater to the ever increasing number of two wheelers on the Indian roads. With the increasing love of buyers for high performance motorcycles, there is a wide array of performance tyres available here. But then there is another end of the spectrum as well. Riders who don’t need those high performance tyres and all they need is something reliable for their beloved commuter motorcycle. Just like we told you about the "Type of tyre you Need for your Long Ride", we have researched and here we have listed down some tyre manufacturers who offer budget tyres for your commuter motorcycles. 

MRF Tyres

MRF has to be one of the most trusted tyre brands in India. A large number of manufacturers supply their motorcycles with MRF tyres as stock and many choose to switch to them when time comes. They offer some really well performing tyres at attractive prices. They have got offerings at both ends of the spectrum so you can easily find a product to suit your needs in their line-up. The Zapper series of tyres by MRF is quite popular but there are other series of tyres as well to cater your needs.

CEAT Tyres

CEAT was established in 1958 and it is another major tyre manufacturer here in India. They have got a very wide line-up of tyres here for different vehicle types. For motorcycles as well, they offer more options as compared to other manufacturers and have offerings even for dirt and off road use. On top of that they offer excellent warranty policies that cover a wide range of tyre flaws and damages unlike many other manufacturers that cover just initial manufacturing flaws. CEAT tyres are available for a wide range of Indian motorcycles so finding one for yours shouldn’t be hard.

TVS Tyres

This is another very old player in the tyre market and quite a popular one. While offering quality and reliability matching to other tyre manufacturers, they manage to keep the costs low. This makes them a great budget proportion and that is why some manufacturers choose to put TVS tyres on their budget motorcycles. They are available for almost all the major motorcycle manufacturers in India across different sizes at very competitive prices. Eurogrip is another brand name under which TVS tyres sell its products.

Falcon Tyres

Dunlop tyres has got presence in different markets but it is owned by different companies in different countries. Here in India Falcon tyres is the brand under which they manufacturer two wheeler and three wheeler tyres. They focus primarily on making cost effective commuter friendly products and that is why they don’t have high end products in their line-up. They offer tyres with long life and high reliability so that they can last longer in the rough conditions that the two wheelers in our country are subjected to. You can find tyres for most of the commuter vehicles in their line-up.

Birla Tyres

Another domestic manufacturer that focuses on offering cost effective, commuter friendly tyres for the Indian motorcycles.  They also make tyres for other type of vehicles including trucks, buses, LCVs, passenger cars, farm equipment, scooters and three wheelers. They offer a wide range of their tyres under the name Roadmaxx and these tyres offer good all round riding capabilities. So they are suitable for everyday street use as well and have been designed to tackle the occasional wet riding as well.


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