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Top 5 Concept Cars of 2016

Top 5 Concept Cars of 2016

Snapshot: With the 2016 coming to an end, we bring a list of top 5 most beautiful and wacky concept cars previewed during the year.

A concept car is a term given to a car which is not a production model and is only meant for display purpose. But some concept cars play a bigger role and act as a preview of the future model to come, giving us an idea on how the upcoming car can actually look like. 2016 brought forward many weird yet beautiful concepts into the light, some of which were purely display cars and some showed us how the future of the automobiles will look like.

Here's a look at the list of top 5 Concept Cars showcased in 2016!

Toyota Setsuna

Wood adds a certain amount of desirability to any design and more so in a car. That's why we see faux wood inserts in the cabin of the luxury cars. But the product we are talking here took the whole desirability thing to a new level, thanks to a body made completely of wood including the likes of cedar, birch and zelkova. The Setsuna is not a car, it's an automotive art - a roadster made using traditional Japanese carpentry techniques that don't involve nails or screws.

But that's not all about this stunning piece of craftsmanship. The Sentusa celebrates the idea of 'Timeless' and has a "100-year meter" on the dash, which counts the days and years of the car's life. We love this concept the most since it exudes calmness and charisma unlike other concepts which rely on technology and performance.

Renault Trezor

The Renault Trezor was probably the most swankiest and craziest concept to be unveiled in 2016. No, no, we are not making this up. Imagine a car with no doors and just a top-half that lifts up to give excess inside the car, all you need to do is climb from the side and drive away this all-electric concept car that was showcased at the Paris Motor Show. And yes, the hexagonal vents on the hood move up and down. Insane isn't it! We don't know the rest of the details about the car and neither we intend to know them!

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Yes, Mercedes-Maybach are long and yes, they are freakishly luxurious. But the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept outsmarts every other luxury car in the market, including their very own production Maybach limousines. The 18-feet (we are not kidding!) long coupe (quite long for 2 seats, isn't it?) is built to resemble a yatch from outside and a spaceship from inside. Spaceship because the windshield works as a display, while the seats sense your clothing and adjust the setting accordingly. Because why not!

Faraday Future FFZero 1

What happens when a technology giant decides to enter automobile production? Come on, you can do better than Tesla! Faraday Future, an all-electric supercar startup with a backing from technology giant LeEco has an ambitious plan in mind. And so they consulted NASA on what should be the perfect seating angle in a car? 45 degrees is what NASA said and 45 degrees is what the Faraday Future FFZero 1 supercar will get. Then there's the race car inspired steering wheel with a smartphone built into the centre. Pretty sweet!

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

Rolls-Royce, the wholly owned brand of BMW Group became a part of the BMW 100th anniversary celebration. BMW decided to build a concept vehicle (Actually 4 of them, belonging to different brands) to give us an insight on how the future vehicles from 100 years later would look like. And Rolls-Royce came up with the Vision Next 100 concept, a concept that combines the modern-day luxuries from the RR to the possible future technology. The result - an immensely futuristic yet luxurious 5.9-metre long car with partially hidden wheels (how awesome they look!).

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