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Top 5 Custom Motorcycles of 2014

Top 5 Custom Motorcycles of 2014

Snapshot: We pay tribute to the top 5 customized motorcycles from 2014.

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The year is about to end and we are looking forward to all the new launches in 2015. But it would be unfair not to pay tribute to some of the most awesome machines from the 2014 and hence we pay tribute to the top 5 customized motorcycles from 2014. Have a look and them and drool upon their awesomeness.

1. ‘Ronin’ byMagpul

Like aforementioned, we also reported about one of the most intense and mean looking 'Ronin' by Magpul. Based on the legend of 47 Ronin, the assassins and fighters from Japan, hold a special importance in the history. And hence Magpul decided to rework on Buell 1125 which he purchased 47 units of. Each motorcycle is consists the number and name engraved on it, which is one of those Ronins.

One look on the bike and you will be instantly reminded of the Batman. The Ronin is priced at $38,000—the same price as a Harley CVO Limited Tourer. Magpul industries, which is a gun manufacturer, is famous for making Rotax engine, and hence each Buell gets the same engine, though cooled by a high-flow radiator placed in the place of headlights.

2. Senna Tribute by Marcus Walz 

We reported this very tribute to the legendary Ayrton Senna by Marcus Walz some time back. To all those who don't know who Ayrtin Senna is - He was one of the most respected and successful Formula One world champion for three years. Born and bought up in Brazil, he used to race in a yellow colored helmet. Which is why the German builder Walz chose this Moto Guzzi Le Mans with 1040cc engine to show his craftsmanship.

Mr. Walz is not new to the Formula One pit lane as he has customized bikes for Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen and David Coulthard in the past. Taking his work forward, he is now paying tribute to the late Ayrton Senna. The paint job in Yellow reflects Senna's famous helmet designs.

3. NURBS by Fred Krugger

First things first, what do NURBS means? NURBS stands for ‘Non-Uniform Rational B-spline,’ which is widely used by engineers to create free-form surfaces in automobile designing. Customized by Fred "Krugger" Bertrand on the BMW K1600, the bike led the Belgian to win his second AMD World Championship.

The heart of the BMW K1600 has six cylinders, seven computers, multiple drive modes and adaptive headlights. And to house these six engines in a straight alignment, the body is completely reworked to a level, that it looks like an alien bike. But a bike, that hardly anyone will touch for modification, can only be tackled by a person like Mr. Krugger.

4. BMW R1200S by Cafe Racer Dreams

There is no denying the fact that BMW R1200S is one of the best looking motorcycles available today. But this particular R1200S reworked by Cafe Racer Dreams is one of the most exotic looking and powerful machine. Owned by Pedro García and Efraon Triana, the garage is famous for giving some of the awesome looking machines in the past.

There’s an appalling brutality about this R1200S’s new look. It’s certainly not subtle, but sometimes, that’s no bad thing. The two lights up front and a military-looking mesh covering the tank, hooked up to a painstakingly-welded exoskeleton, gives it a killing look. The seat unit is especially neat, finished in an olive green fabric and flush-fitted with a new sub-frame that can be removed by undoing four screws. Micro taillights and indicators keep the back end looking clean.

A layer of black paint now covers the boxer engine, and exhaust gases now exit via a SuperTrapp system terminating just to the left of the back wheel. The tires front and rear are Metzeler Karoos—a 70% street/30% dirt compound designed for big adventure bikes.

5. ‘Voltron’ by ER Motorcycles 

If you are a fan of animated TV series, you must be familiar with the name Voltron! The giant robot from an old animated series is alive again, but in the form of a customized motorcycle as idealized by ER Motorcycles. This Slovenian workshop is one of the fastest-rising stars on the custom scene. Voltron looks retro, yet futuristic and cleverly engages both the eras.

But what works in the favor of this BMW is the plethora of vintage parts which includes a 1964 R69S frame, an R80 engine and front end, and a classic ‘Toaster’ tank. While this bike is rarely taken up by any modders and we believe it could have been a disaster in the hands of most builders, this one strangely works.

Story credit: Bikeexif

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