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Top 5 Dangers of Not Having Tinted Car Windows

Top 5 Dangers of Not Having Tinted Car Windows

Snapshot: Tinted windows may or not be aesthetically pleasing, but they are a boon if the laws in your areas have not banned them. Here is a list we have prepared about the dangers of not having tinted glasses.

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Transport authorities and law enforcement agencies do not authorize tinted car windows since it promotes crime, and yes they do. For that reason extremely dark tinted windows are prohibited and only some lighter shades of tint are allowed for car. Absolutely clear window glasses can be potentially damaging in a lot more way that you think. That’s why we have created this list.

Damaged interiors due to heat

With the tint applied to the windows, less sunlight enters the car and therefore the interiors don’t get heated as much as they would have normally. Tint prevents car turning into an oven and you would appreciate the change much more if you live in an area with hot climate. This not only proves to be comfortable after long parking durations in the sun, it prevents the interiors from fading and seat covers from deterioration.

Security and Privacy

Leaving valuable in a car should be absolutely avoided as they only serve as an invitation for car thieves. Tinted windows are no excuse for leaving valuables in a car either, but if you inadvertently do it, tinted windows stand a better chance of keeping you out of danger’s way as valuables would not be in direct eyesight and it may take some time to notice them unless someone is actively looking.  

Shattered Windows

All cars use tempered glass for windows and laminated glass for windshield which makes them shatter proof and safe. Having the windows tinted adds another safety net. In case someone hurls a stone or heavy object, it’s bound to encounter greater resistance in case of tinted glass, since the tint that’s put on windows is nothing but a big sticker. Due to reason that it would not break like glass, it adds to safety.  

​Blinding Glare

The glare from shining objects outside the car can affect your vision adversely. It could be one of the biggest reasons that you are facing difficulty while driving. Not only does it impact your driving and put you and other passengers in danger on a sunny day, it also affects your eyesight in the long term.  

UV Rays

Harmful UV rays not only damage skin and eyes, they are also not good for car’s interiors. A good and proper film used for tinting can block a good percentage (95%) of UV rays coming into car that would have otherwise caused the interiors to fade. It not only protects interiors, it also prevents the passengers from sunburn and harmful effects of the UV rays that can cause skin cancer on prolonged exposure.

Things to keep in mind

Regardless of what is good for your car and you, law may forbid the use of tinted glasses in your region. It's advisable to have the glasses tinted in accordance with the local laws as tinted glass may attract heavy fine. 

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