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Top 5 Hottest Cars Ever Built

Top 5 Hottest Cars Ever Built

Snapshot: So, when we decided to flip through the history books to find out the hottest cars this planet has ever seen, we took a different approach...

What is the hottest car ever built? There could be a huge list of answers for this one question. Ask a dozen people and you will get a dozen different responses. Some would name Jaguars or Bentleys from a couple of decades back. Some would mention hot hatches from the past. Point is that it is really hard to narrow down on a single car. So when we decided to flip through the history books to find out the hottest cars this planet has ever seen, we took a different approach. We tried to adhere to cars that catered to masses that actually brought something fresh to the automobile world.

Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle has been a very successful model for the German manufacturer. Adolf Hitler wanted a simple affordable car to be mass produced for the road network that was developed in the country. The nice German people came up with this rear enginedsmall car. The Beetle initially came in as a rear engined, air cooled, rear wheel drive car. It was simply named Volkswagen initially followed by a number that indicated engine displacement. Various variants of this car were introduced over the years and new technologies were introduced in the car with every new model. Not only has it made a name as a production car but has also been associated with many motorsport events. After Volkswagen phased out the Beetle, they introduced the New Beetle. The new car was essentially a rebadged car and very much different from the original Beetle.

Mini Cooper

This is another iconic car though the origin isn’t German in this case. Mini Cooper was born as collaboration between BMC and John Cooper. This small car featured a powerful engine and a capable chassis which made it pretty quick for that time. Every racing enthusiast had to have one of these in his/ her garage. The Mini Cooper S was introduced soon after and it offered more power along with better brakes. The Mini Cooper has got a long history as a rally car and it still continues to be a popular rally car. Now the brand Mini is owned by BMW but they have retained what the brand is known for. The current Mini Cooper has evolved from a very small car to a large premium hatchback. In India we get 1.6 litre engines generating different amount of power in different variants.

Fiat 500

How can the Italians be left behind when we are talking about great cars? They Italians really love these four wheeled machines powered by engines. The Fiat 500 was an affordable and practical car for commuting around the city. It was powered by a two cylinder air cooled engine displacing close to 500 cc, and thus the 500 name. It became very popular across the Europe. Abarth entered the scene back then making high performance cars based on this cute little city car. It was discontinued but the manufacturer introduced it again in 2007 as the new Fiat 500. The styling would remind you of the original 500 and still manage to look modern. Unlike the original car, this one is front engined and front wheel drive.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO

Now when we have picked cars from different countries, the Japanese cars shouldn’t be ignored. They have made some of the best cars on this planet. Reliability and quality is on the top of their list though some enthusiasts say that they lack the character that you would find on other cars. Some of the best Japanese cars include Toyota Corolla, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan GT-R and this, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. This mad rally machine is based on the standard lancer though it packs in a lot more. There have been ten models of EVO until now and all of them came with 2 litre turbocharged engines and four wheel drive system. With all these generations, the power output has reached a stratospheric level. If you are planning to go very fast and you aren’t sure about what kind of surfaces you are going to find, this is the car to pick. Even the ninth generation car came with proper manual transmission and it was the tenth generation car that offered an automatic. Obviously with such a car, we don’t need to mention the long history in motorsports.

Ford Mustang

There is no way we could have ignored this car when talking about the hottest cars ever made. All those American movies and YouTube videos have managed to make this car look like an American hero. When the Mustang came in, a lot of rivals tried to catch up but it wasn’t easy to dethrone the king. The first two generations of this car had the typical American pony car look. Large V8s and long hoods are what used to define these cars back then. The car evolved a lot with the third and fourth generation models but the styling didn’t do justice. The fifth generation car came in with a modern muscle car styling. Now the latest sixth generation Mustang has been introduced recently and it has come a long way. The new car is a much better package and it manages to carry the essence of the name while keeping in sync with time.

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