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Top 5 Imported Tyre Brands in India

Top 5 Imported Tyre Brands in India

Snapshot: Time we talk about the global Giant Tyre manufacturers present in India through Import route....

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Tyres play an important role on any vehicle, more so on a motorcycle. All that torque from your motorcycle engine makes use of a tiny contact patch to propel you to speeds. So it is very important to make sure you pick the best tyres for your motorcycle. Most of the two wheeler manufacturers here have a tendency to adhere to domestic brands. While we don’t have any complaint against that, it doesn’t hurt to put better tyres in their place. There are many manufacturers from other countries that have decades of experience making high performance motorcycle tyres and their tyres can give your machine an edge over others. Here we list down some tyre manufacturers you need to turn to if you need excellent performance.


This is the brand to go for if you are love leaning into corners and your right hand tends to turn quickly. They have been making tyres for Formula 1 championship and World Superbike Championship so you must have guessed that they have got a pretty good idea of how to make high performance tyres. Some high end motorcycles sold in India come with Pirelli tyres as standard like the Royal Enfield Continental GT comes with Pirelli Sport Demon tyres. Their tyres are available in different sizes so it would be easy to find the right size for your performance machine.


This tyre manufacturer from France has also got some really impressive offerings. It was established in 1889 and they were the first one to develop and patent a removable pneumatic tyre. To suit the Indian motorcycles, they offer tyres in different sizes and it shouldn’t be tough for you to find the one that would fit your motorcycle. One of their most impressive offering here is the Michelin Pilot Sporty. This tyre offers excellent grip on dry surfaces even if the road surface isn’t very grip. Along with that it can do a very good job on a track day as well.


This is another tyre manufacturer you can consider if you are looking for high performance motorcycle tyres. It is a German manufacturer which is now a subsidiary of Pirelli. They don’t have a very wide line-up in India so it might be tough to find tyres for all the motorcycles here but you should be able to find them for popular models from the international manufacturers like Yamaha, KTM and Honda. Here the KTM Duke 390 and RC 390 come with Metzeler tyres factory fitted. They offer sporty riding characteristics and maintain their grip even on rough and wet patches.


Another German tyre maker in this list is continental. It was established long back in 1871 and now they not only produce tyres but also many other automobile components. In India they sell a wide range of tyres from heavy vehicles to bicycle tyres. While most people know it for their commuter friendly street tyres, they also produce very impressive high performance tyres for street use and touring. Under the ContiSport range, they produce products for high performance motorcycle fit for both street and track use.

Shinko Tyres

This is another manufacturer from Japan which produces impressive high performance tyres. They started off manufacturing bicycle tyres and tubes but later with the help of Yokohama, they started making motorcycles tyres in South Korea. Their tyres are popular among performance enthusiasts as they offer a perfect balance between practicality and performance. They aren’t very easily available here so you might have to run to big tyre dealers to find them.

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