Top 5 modifications every stunt bike needs

Top 5 modifications every stunt bike needs

Snapshot: Everything you need to know when it comes to modifying your normal bike to a stunt machine.

Top 5 modifications every stunt bike needs.When it comes to stunt bikes, every stunt bike is as unique as the rider. Every stunting machine looks way sharper than any of the original bikes out there. Every mod is done for a specific purpose not just for enhancing visuals of the machine. Some modifications look brilliantly fantastic while other changes the way a bike performs on the stunt grounds. These modifications are a must to gain more control on the bike. We have short listed top 5 key modifications every stunt bike needs.

1) Stunt dented gas tank

This is the basic mod that allows the stunt rider to sit on the tank with a good grip. Stunts like High chair wheelies are performed awesomely after this basic mod.

2) Double piston caliper rear disc brakes

This mod allows the biker to pop a wheelie while standing on the seat of the bike, because when popping a seat stand wheelie the rider doesn’t have reach to the rear brakes using the foot brake lever, so one more brake caliper is added to the rear disc brake whose lever is fixed near the clutch on the left side of the handle bar.

3) The crash cage

Crashes are most likely to happen in a sport like this. So a crash cage is needed to keep the bike safe in the times of many low-speed falls that bound to happen when sharpening tricks. This cage doesn’t allow the side part/body fairing of the bike to completely touch the surface while in a crash, and also allow the rider to put both legs on the cage while stunting.

4) Oversized rear sprocket

Adding extra teeth to the bike allows the machine to use its full potential. Big rear sprocket unleashes more acceleration of the bike plus adds to the visuals also.

5) Modified rear seat and shredded extra weight

Every stunt bike needs to be as light as possible, it adds to more control on the machine, so every bit of extra chunk on the body of the bike must be removed. This is the reason why naked bikes are more preferred for stunting over fully faired motorcycles.The seats of the bikes are cut in such a way that the rider can hook his feet in to the rear seat while doing a stand up wheelie.

Most famous stunt machines used by riders are Triumph 675 speed Triple, Yamaha YZF R6, KTM 690 Duke, Kawasaki ZX-6R and Hyosungs GT650 V-twins.


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