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Top 5 Motorcycle movies ever made!

Snapshot: Don't be surprised if you decide to buy a bike soon and go on a long ride after watching this list!

We all love motorcycle, don't we? The moment you sit on the bike and roll that throttle, a gush of wind passes by your hairs and suddenly you feel all free. Yes, that's what a motorcycle offers you, the Freedom! So, we decided to put down a list of our favourite movies on the motorcycles, which makes you feel proud to be a motorcyclist. After watching almost every movie on the motorcycles starting from the 1960's, we narrowed the list to the top 5 movies and documentaries ever made.

Watch the trailer for each of them and decide for yourself. Don't be surprised if you decide to buy a bike soon and go on a long ride after watching this list!

World Fastest Indian

The World Fastest Indian is based on the life of the great Burt Monroe from New Zealand. He worked all his life to achieve the land speed record at the Bonnevilee salt flats at the Utah. The movie takes us through his journey from New Zealand to Los Angeles, his life span, from a young man to a heart patient. The bike he built for the record, didn't have any brakes and chute to stop the bike.

Watch this movie to learn about the human spirit. 

World Fastest Indian

The Motorcycle Diaries

We all have heard about the certain Ernesto Che Guevara. Yes , the same Che Guevara, who had been associated with Fidel Castro for long and now a days, can be seen on T-shirts around the globe. But before all this communist stuff, he was a typical college student who was seeking fun and adventure in life. And, so did he travelled across half the South America with his best buddy Alberto Granado. The movie beautifully depicts the journey of two on a motorcycle and the life they lived in between.

Watch this movie to learn about the freedom.

The Motorcycle Diaries

TT3D- Closer to the edge

We can differ on this movie with many of you bike aficionados, but we believe, this documentary depicts the danger of Motorsports, like none other. Isle of Man is the greatest Motorsports event on the Planet Earth, as some say. Riding through villages, mountain passes and narrow roads, these riders can achieve a speed upto 350kmph and have to do 300miles in a race. The movie is shown through the eyes of a young rider, Guy Martin, who has achieved 8 podiums but no wins till now.

Watch this movie to experience the speed.

Isle of Man

Why we ride

The question asked was simple, and so did they built a whole documentary showcasing, Why we ride? The movie beautifully depicts, what does it feel to be a rider. The rider from the various genres, starting from mini bikes to MotoGP to the rally racing, come together to answer the question.

Watch this movie to know the answer, Why we ride!

Why we ride

On any Sunday

The year was 1971, and the actor was legendary Steve Mcqueen, and the movie was 'On any Sunday'. The history was changed forever as the movie depicted the passion of the riders. This particular movie carries forward the family tradition and shows, what all had changed in 40 years. But most importantly, it shows that the passion for the riding is timeless and continues today.

Watch this movie to feel the passion about riding.

On any Sunday


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