Top 5 Reasons Why Saree Guards on Motorcycles Are Useful

Top 5 Reasons Why Saree Guards on Motorcycles Are Useful

Snapshot: The Government has been taking some steps of making certain accessories compulsory on every bike sold in India. Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at how saree guards can be useful for 2 wheelers.

India has the rather dubious reputation of boasting some of the highest road accident related mortalities in the world. Not something that we are proud of but it is the unfortunate truth. Thankfully the government has been taking some steps in terms of dealing with this via means of making certain accessories compulsory on every bike sold in India. The humble but mightily practical sareeguard is one of them. While street racers and motorsport enthusiasts will cry foul over the so called unwanted additional weight, the fact remains that saree guards are very practical accessories that can prevent a lot of unwanted accidents. India primarily uses 2 wheelers like mini  MPVs with the 2 wheeler being tasked with multi-role tasks like moving cargo and numerous people simultaneously. More so, given the fact that  female passengers in India largely prefer to sit side saddle, the saree guard can help prevent sarees & dupattas from getting tangled in the rear wheel thus keeping accidents at a bare minimum. Here then is a tongue-in-cheek look at how saree guards can be useful for 2 wheelers:

#1. Saree guards can be used to dry vermicelli
‘Sevaiyyaan’ the ubiquitous sweet vermicelli is highly valued  as a good dessert. Making good vermicelli is an art and requires a lot of patience. So while husband dear manages to weave & bob through unwanted traffic braving numerous obstacls, vehicle going in the wrong direction, cows in the street etc., wifey dearest can make vermicelli on the pillion seat. While the saree guard will of course help protect clothing from tangling with the rear wheel, the saree guard will also make an excellent drying stand for all the vermicelli. Imagine, air dried vermicelli, made on the bike itself. Talk about muti-tasking.

#2. Saree guards make excellent cargo bays
Safety is important, but so is cargo loading space. The saree guard can be used to tie down heavy sacks, cargo loads etc. You can even use it to tie down livestock like chickens & goats. The saree guards will not only protect the rider, but also the the cargo from being pulled into the rear wheel.

#3. Saree guards make excellent wool yarn holders
Wifey dearest can also keep herself occupied while stuck in one of the innumerable traffic jams that seem to crop up in our country so frequently without any reason at all. The saree guard while protecting her legs can also be used to hold balls of woolen yarn. The woolen yarn can be used by wifey dearest to knit a sweater for hubby dearest so that he can keep himself warm while riding in the bitingly cold weather that we see up north in the winter.

#4. Saree guards can make wonderful radio antennas 
Talk about traffic & jams, entertainment becomes an important factor to consider while trying to keep your cool. The saree guard can also function as a radio antenna given its shape and construction. This can then be used to receive music stations on the FM frequency. This music can also be used as a means of spreading the love by playing it loud & giving succour & bringing respite to fellow commuters stuck in the same traffic. People will bless you for it.

#5. Because safety is important and the smart & safe rider undertstands & knows it
The smart rider knows just how important safety is and takes every measure to be safe. The saree guard is an important albeit local piece of ingenuity to help loose & flowing clothes from getting tangled in the rear wheel. There have been numerous events where female pillion riders have ended up with injuries because the saree or dupatta they were wearing got pulled into the rear wheel resulring in them getting either thrown off the bike or in extreme events, facing the risk of getting choked. The resulting injury has whiplash like effects & thus is best avoided. Research has shown that saree guards can prevent this from happening. So be smart, use your head & protect your fellow rider from injuries. Ride safe,ride smart!!   

*Author’s note: This article is written using humour as a medium to highlight some serious issues. Please do not use your saree guard for any other purpose than what it is provided for. Remember, one wrong step can make the difference between life & death. Happy riding!!

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