Top 5 Tips for Buying the Right Used Motorcycle

Top 5 Tips for Buying the Right Used Motorcycle

Snapshot: Buying a used Motorbike is a daunting task that requires extensive research. Here are some important steps before shelling out the money on a used motorcycle!

Whether you are a bike addict who wants to add another machine to your stable or you are a new rider, buying a used Motorbike is a daunting task that requires extensive research. However, if you follow certain important steps before shelling out the money on a used motorcycle, the process becomes less daunting and more exciting. Here is a list of a few steps that one should keep in mind before committing your money, pride and body to a used bike:

Tip 1. Select the Model 
It is important to know which kind of bike will suit you. Browsing through online sites, flipping through bike magazines can come in handy in this regard. Once you find yourself drifted towards a particular type of style and model, look out for as many similar models as you can to pick out the most appealing one. After you have finalised the final one, looks for things like its market value, maintenance costs etc. so that you know which questions to ask the seller when you approach him next.

Tip 2. Locate the seller
You can approach Motorcycle repair shops, retailers about the model that you desire. You can even search online for the particular model to get the best deal on your chosen model. There are many discussions boards on the websites that help you with the choice and in locating the seller. 

Tip 3. Examining the Motorcycle
While appearances may be deceptive, the external condition of the bike will give you a fairly good idea about its internal condition. Look out for signs of rust or damage. It would be good to bring along a family member or a friend who knows a bit about bikes. Ask details like the mileage offered by the bike and if it has met with any accidents in the past. 

Tip 4. Test Ride
Once you are satisfied with the basic external and internal condition it is time to inspect it thoroughly. A short test ride will definitely help you in arriving to the final decision. Also, check the battery, the brakes, the lights, the tires etc. Make sure that the throttle is full on and the bike offers a smooth ride on rough surfaces. 

Tip 5. Make an offer
Having searched the market value aspect, examined and undertaken the test ride, you would have got an ideal of the actual value of the bike. You can very easily arrive at a fair and reasonable negotiation with the seller. If the seller is demanding close to the book value and the condition of the bike is good, pay the price. Otherwise, start lowering the price for every defect that you notice in the bike. Estimate the sot of repairs that you would have to undertake, and reduce that money from the price. It is also advisable to check the service receipts of the bike to approach the final price point.

Taking your own sweet time and being patient are essential to choosing the perfect used bike for yourself. When you have selected the right bike after inspecting it thoroughly, you will feel proud to have wisely spent your hard earned money.

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