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Top 8 Myths Related to Motorcycling

Top 8 Myths Related to Motorcycling

Snapshot: There are many myths related to motorcycles and we have collected few of the most common ones to help you know the reality related to motorcycling. Read on.

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  1. I am the best out there, it won’t happen to me-

It’s true that there are times when we are drunk on the idea that ‘I am the best rider out there and I can’t happen with me. We often end up going on rides without the boots or jackets and the fact is, no matter how good you are, it’s a game of luck and chance. No matter how many feathers you have in your hat, it will only take a single second for you to see the flipside of motorcycling. Be attentive, be ready.

  1. Old bikes can never be as good as new ones-

Yes are there are motorcycles that gets faster, meaner and sexier with time and then there are bikes that simply doesn’t. When a product is introduced in a market its success decides the changes it will go through in future. When it doesn’t get the expected traction a manufacturer cuts down the price and focuses on what a customer needs rather than the original product it was supposed to be. Remember the Hero Honda Karizmas from the old times? The ones with ‘Jet Set Go’ tag line. Or the CBZ that had a cult followership back in the 2000-2005 days, well do they share the same influential presence now? It is something open to debate.

  1. A skilled rider doesn’t need ABS-

Time has changed and so the new motorcycles are being equipped with a bunch of electronics to make the motorcycling a safer experience. But there are some of us who prefer to play around with the ABS OFF in our motorcycles. There are times when even the most skilled riders will get the ABS tested unintentionally and that is exactly the purpose of it, to your save life when you least expecting anything could go wrong.

  1. Car Drivers are idiots and bikers are invisible for them-

Well yes in most of the cases drivers don’t utilize the turn indicators that ultimately results in a crash but before jumping onto a conclusion you have to understand the concept of blind spots of a car. There are certain points at which a rider is completely invisible and you have to make sure to stay out of that point in order to be seen by the car driver. So it’s actually not the driver who’s generally at fault, it’s also you who may be responsible for being present in the blind spot.

  1. I will be faster with the set of race tyres-

Well this is one of those myths that needs to be cleared out as soon as possible. First of all race tyres are completely different from road tyres. Race tyres are made up of completely different compounds and possess properties different from the road tyres. Race tyres are meant to be super sticky once they have properly warmed up and you will never be able to take the race tyres to those temperatures out on the highways. Go for road tyres instead of race tyres for better grip levels and safety out there on highways.

  1. Traction Control will make me faster-

Well yes and no, it all depends on the kind of rider you are. The beginners will won’t even notice when traction control is coming into play. And experienced riders, the ones who are addicted to riding their way hard will find that traction control is coming in way, they are faster without it even when the traction control settings are set on the least interference mode. On the other hand if you are on side of the story then it is better to turn on that traction control and sit back, hold the handle tight and observe how it’s working when it’s working.

  1. Expensive motorcycles are better-

Wrong. It is one of the most common perception about motorcycles that the costlier it is, better it gets but it’s not true in most of the cases. Take KTM RC200 and RC390 for reference, the bigger sibling costs around INR 2.40 Lakh on road, being heavier it is comparatively less agile and RC200 is a better handler out of both. And paying more money will get you a bigger engine, ABS and more weight. The 200 does everything better when it comes to handling and taking corners. Also it heats up way less than its bigger sibling.

Now let’s talk about some big bikes, the best bike to ride among the Ducati’s line up is the Monster 821 and it is certainly among the cheapest ones too. The worst?

  1. Alloy wheels always are better than Spoke wheels-

No its not like this, it depends on the kind of motorcycle you have and the kind of terrain you are looking forward to conquer. Spoke wheels are stronger as compared to alloys that suits more the off-road terrains and when going anywhere beyond road you should fix your bikes with spoke wheels instead of alloys. And on the other hand if you are among the asphalt race heads, alloy wheels will suit your ride well, as alloys are known to be more stable at high speeds compared to spokes.

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