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Top Automatic Scooters in India

Top Automatic Scooters in India

Snapshot: This is a segment that has booming like nothing else. Thanks to the urban markets waking up to this hassle free two-wheeler segment.

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The scooters are back. And with a bang. What started a few decades ago with the arrival of Kinetic Honda has taken a new turn. The urban population is taking a keen interest in the scooter segment, probably because of the less effort it takes to ride a gearless two-wheeler. With the constantly increasing traffic, it is a painful proposition to struggle with the gear-clutch combo on a daily basis.

So, we decided to do a quick comparison of some of the top scooters in India. These scooters might not be similar in terms of stats, but are most commonly seen on Indian roads. The numbers these two-wheelers are sold in are staggering and account for majority of the sales these manufacturers enjoy across India.

Honda Activa

  • Price starts from: Rs 42,998
  • Engine: 109 cc
  • Power: 8.1 bhp Torque: 8.74 Nm
  • Fuel economy: 60 kmpl
  • This is something that needs no introduction. Anything that overtakes the mighty Hero splendor in terms of sales, better be taken seriously. The Activa came into existence in 2000 with a 102 cc engine, it was revamped in 2009 when the bore slightly increased to make it 109 cc and 0.6 bhp more powerful. The new Activa boasts of a metal body unlike the plastic body it had earlier. The scooter oozes of premiumness as far as the quality is concerned. The ride is very comfortable and hassle-free for both the occupants. The single cylinder engine delivers a satisfying 50-60 kmpl depending on the road conditions. The drum brakes at both the ends work well and the 153 mm of ground clearance negotiates the Indian roads in a good manner. Starting at Rs 42,998, it is not the cheapest scooter around, but is a great package overall.


Hero Pleasure

  • Price starts from: Rs 42,600
  • Engine: 102 cc
  • Power: 6.8 bhp Torque: 7.85 Nm
  • Fuel economy: 55 kmpl

This is probably the only scooter that was launched keeping in mind women commuters. The line, "Why should boys have all the fun" is something all of us remember with a smirk on our face. Since its introduction in 2005, it has been sensationalising the two-wheeler industry with its girlish looks. The ride quality is, as the name suggests, pleasurable, but only on good roads. On a rough terrain, the suspension struggles a bit to negotiate bumps. Coming from a trusted brand like Hero, it has all the reliability factors people expect from a two-wheeler. The single cylinder 102 cc churns out a maximum output of 6.8 bhp which is sufficient for the category and the work it is supposed to do. Fuel efficiency is around 45 kmpl  which again, fair considering its weight of 104 kgs dry.


Suzuki Access 125

  • Price starts from: Rs 48,875
  • Engine: 124 cc
  • Power: 8.7 bhp Torque: 9.8 Nm
  • Fuel economy: 55 kmpl
  • If you are a Salman Khan fan, you might be interested in this scooter here. It is a little more powerful than many others in its category. The 125 cc, single cylinder, air cooled unit delivers a good enough 8.7 bhp which can be utilised well with the help coming from the CVT transmission. Other features include a telescopic, coil spring and oil damped front suspension, which in close collaboration with the rear suspension – a swing arm type, coil spring and oil damped, makes the rides very smooth. The 120 mm drums at the front and back work fine and let you remain confident. The fuel tank can drink up to 6 litres in one go and the fuel efficiency of 50 kmpl is good enough keeping in mind the big size of the engine. The scooter is nimble and can tackle city traffic easily without breaking a sweat. 
  •  TVS ScootyPrice starts from: Rs 43,115
  • Engine: 87 cc
  • Power: 5 bhp Torque: 5.8 Nm
  • Fuel economy: 65 kmpl
  • This is a two-wheeler that became synonyms with the category itself. What else can be said more about its success! Do not expect it to do some super heroic stuff and you will have a happy wife/sister/girlfriend. The looks are surely feminine and the colours it is available in confirm the belief. Weighing just 95 kgs, it is surely light enough to easily maneuver in the city traffic. Scooty has a 88 cc engine which delivers a just enough 5 bhp at the rear wheel. The CVT transmission makes the power delivery smooth and very usable. A 5 bhp affair also means it might start to choke if ridden with a heavy pillion. The claimed fuel efficiency is 65 kmpl, and even if it falls by 10 kilometres, it still remains very pocket friendly.














































Vespa LX

  • Price starts from: Rs 67,425
  • Engine: 125 cc
  • Power: 10.6 bhp Torque: 10.6 Nm
  • Fuel economy: 62 kmpl

I won't deny on this, Vespa, when it came back to India in 2012, did add style to the scooter market in India. The colours it arrived in, the refined technology, the impeccable style were enough to make it an eye candy. It looks very elegant to be taken to your office or to your nearest market without feeling shy. It makes you flaunt it. Performance is impressive keeping in mind the category it competes in. The 125 cc engine pumps out 10.6 bhp of power. The single cylinder has 3 valves over it and is cooled down by air. The fuel tank is a good enough 7 litre in size with 2 litres of reserve. Vespa claims a fuel efficiency of 62 kmpl, which should mean almost 400 kms in a tank full. The monocoque frame ensures a brilliant ride quality. The 150 and 140 mm of drums at front and rear respectively clubbed with alloy wheels and hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear ensure that you are always in control of this good looking Italian beauty. 

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