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Most ugly bikes ever sold in India

Most ugly bikes ever sold in India

Snapshot: Some might say that looks are subjective, but we are pretty sure it’s not in the case of the ones we have listed here.

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It’s not every day that we are in a mood of listing motorcycles based on the pathetic design carried on them but it was only for one of the recently launched bikes that reminded us that no matter what sometimes manufacturers do miscalculate some equations. We thought the era of ugly designs is over but that’s not entirely right. Some might say that looks are subjective, but we are pretty damn sure it’s not in the case of the ones we have listed. In the article below we narrowed down some of the Indian bikes that might be head turners but not in a very good way of course.

Hero Karizma ZMR

The original Hero Honda Karizma (1999-2008) was one of the best looking bikes of its age but then folks at Hero decided to mess it up big time. Originally, it was the Karizma that changed the way motorcycles looked 15 years back. Motorcycles at that time were skinny, naked and odd looking creatures but Karizma stepped in and wooed every motorcycle enthusiast in India. In 2009, Karizma ZMR was launched and since then Karizma brand has been infamous for the ruining something good and now it’s even taken down the production and the company doesn’t sell it anymore. We truly believe that Karizma as a product had a lot of potential to lock horns with other bikes from the Indian manufacturers but guess it’s too late now.

Bajaj BYK

The Pune based automaker, Bajaj is known to make smart products be it talking about the classic Pulsar series or the new modern products like the Dominar. But like every other brand, even Bajaj has made some stupendous looking bikes in the past, not talking about all of them but one. The Bajaj BYK is an old bike, launched in early 2000’s and then soon discontinued. It comprised of a 92.21 cc engine that delivered 6.41bhp. But it was not the engine that showered hate on this bike but its design. It looked like a fat person with a tiny head, it still does. Maybe if it had a bigger headlight along with a slightly sleeker body, the design may have made some sense, but sadly the case was just the opposite.

Yamaha Libero (1st generation)

Yamaha Libero was made for the Indian market and was launched here sometime around 2003-2004. But soon after it’s launch it was taken off the shelves and it didn’t survive for a long time. Though there wasn’t much wrong with its body design lines, but it’s headlight felt like the bike had just met with an accident and the head got misplaced from its position. The company introduced a much better-looking version of the Libero named as Libero G5 which later on became quite a hit in the Indian market. 

Yamaha Fazer 125

Maybe if we had to pick the ugliest bike on this list and if it was not the Karizma ZMR, then it would definitely be this bike. The way we look at it, the designing team of this bike must have been drunk all the time. We mean how can they give a bee head to a mass production bike? Seriously?  

Suzuki Fiero

The Fiero like other bikes in the list is one of the old school motorcycles that existed for a small period of time. The problem with its design was that it looked like an abandoned kid of the Kinetic scooter. Its headlight was weirdly wide that would’ve looked better on a scooter instead of a bike. 

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