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TOTAL QUARTZ, the specialist of car engine-oil technology!

TOTAL QUARTZ, the specialist of car engine-oil technology!

Snapshot: Engine Lubrication is paramount for prolonged and efficient performance. TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 Energy car engine oil has the answer with its synthetic technology for maximum performance.

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We all love our cars and want them to last forever. The least bit we can do is to have them serviced regularly. The other important thing that we must do is to use the right kind of engine oil. The engine oil keeps the friction at bay and prolongs engine life.

It has become all the more important to use the best engine oil since all modern engines run at much higher pressures and temperatures than older engines.

What does engine oil do?

Contrary to what most people believe, the engine oil does more than just lubricate the parts of the engine. Preventing sludge formation, removing heat, corrosion prevention and providing a good seal are some of the other functions that the engine oil performs.

Since the engine oil has to perform all functions at a wide temperature range, an extremely stable molecular structure that resists breakdown at high temperatures is the key to enhance engine life.

Why do we need better engine oils – Role of modern technology?

Today, engines of smaller size produce much greater horsepower and the operating stress they experience is also much higher. As a result, they require engine oils that can provide greater protection and can withstand significantly more demanding conditions.

Synthetic oils are chemically fortified and are as a result are more stable, last longer and provide better protection. Therefore, they are more suitable for engines that operate at higher RPMs and experience much greater stress.

How is TOTAL QUARTZ different?

TOTAL QUARTZ with Age Resistance Technology (ART) provides better engine protection. With over 1500 hours of time invested in the R&D, TOTAL has come up with an answer. And it’s the engine oil that has provides visible results against sludge formation and provides up to 64% better protection against mechanical wear as well.

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