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Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Features, Engine Specs & Price

Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Features, Engine Specs & Price

Snapshot: Though, Toyota Glanza is the re-badged version of Maruti Baleno but still one needs to know which is the better option between the two? Here is the answer:

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Toyota Glanza has finally hit the Indian roads. First things first, the Glanza, based on the Maruti Baleno, is the first product to be launched under the Toyota-Suzuki partnership. However, sadly, as the majority would have hoped, it doesn't get a complete makeover or special engineering from Toyota instead of a handful of subtle cosmetic updates. Although, the introduction of the mild-hybrid system with one of the variants acts as a saving grace for the product. Let's check out the similarities and differences between the two hatchbacks:

Checkout out Toyota Glanza image gallery in HD!


Since Toyota Glanza is the re-badged version of Maruti Baleno, it doesn't reflect any major cosmetic update. Toyota decided not to play with the dimensions and styling right from the silhouette to the proportions, reveals the Toyota Glanza images. Even the boot capacity remains the same at 339 litres. The only substantial change is the front grille which the company has designed as per its design language and the 'Maruti' badges being replaced by 'Toyota' emblems.

Dimensionally, Toyota Glanza and Maruti Baleno are identical.


The cabin is largely retained from the Baleno hatch with the same pattern of seats, dashboard and door pads. Toyota Glanza features are also pretty much similar to what we see in the Baleno. Even the touchscreen infotainment system is also carried over from the Baleno albeit with a new name ‘Smart Playcast’. It also gets the distinction of being the only Toyota product to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, the Baleno boasts of a dedicated Smartphone app and 'Suzuki Connect' with pre-loaded features but the Glanza misses out on this. For those asking, 'Suzuki Connect' offers several precious features such as vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, driver behaviour analysis, fuel efficiency report, trip details and live vehicle alerts. On the other hand, the Glanza features Toyota Connect App, which is not at par with the Suzuki Connect as it comes with ways too fewer features like navigation, a 24x7 concierge service, location-based roadside assistance and a dealer locator. Suzuki Connect comes with a paid subscription of Rs 10,000 for 3 years while the Toyota Connect App is up for grabs at no cost for the initial 12 months.

The interior of Toyota Glanza is also almost similar to the Maruti Baleno

Engine & Transmission:

Surprisingly, Toyota Glanza's (what appears to be the) base 'G' variant is the most powerful in the entire range. It is powered by a 1.2L K12N engine with mild-hybrid technology and a 5-speed manual transmission. This engine makes top power of 90bhp and peak torque of 113Nm, while all the other variants draw power from the 1.2L K12M engine sans the mild-hybrid system which belts out 83bhp, which is approx 7 bhp less than the G variant. Both the powertrains are BS VI compliant as with the Baleno. Besides, the 5-speed manual transmission, Toyota Glanza can also be availed with a 7-speed CVT gearbox. Both the aforementioned transmission options are also available with the Baleno as well. The biggest advantage that Baleno has over Glanza is the presence of a diesel engine, at least before the BS VI emission norms are implemented. Mileage is also one aspect where Glanza excels significantly with manual and automatic variants delivering 21.01kmpl and 19.56kmpl respectively. The Baleno also comes with identical fuel economy. However, the surprise comes in the form of the mild-hybrid variant which returns a best-in-segment mileage of 23.87kmpl.

Toyota Glanza gets two BS VI compliant petrol engines but no diesel engine

Price & Warranty:

Toyota Glanza is offered with four variants: G MT (Rs 7.22 Lakhs), V MT (Rs 7.58 Lakhs), G CVT (Rs 8.29 Lakhs) and V CVT (Rs 8.90 Lakhs). On the other hand, the Baleno starts at relatively cheaper around Rs 5.58 Lakhs while going to as high as Rs 8.90 Lakhs. But if an individual desires to have the features of Toyota Glanza G Smart Hybrid in Maruti Baleno, then it's the Delta Smart Hybrid variant which is priced at Rs 7.25 Lakhs. So, in all, basically, the Toyota Glanza price is in sync with the Baleno. But what makes the real difference here is the warranty as to the despite being the re-badged version of Baleno, the Glanza comes with a 3 years/100,000 km standard warranty as compared to 2 years/40,000 km of Baleno. It certainly gives Glanza an edge over the Baleno and customers will be attracted by it.

Besides Baleno, Toyota Glanza will also rival Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz

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