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Travel Guide - Best healthy snacks for car road trip

Travel Guide - Best healthy snacks for car road trip

Snapshot: Here is a list of things you need to pack in the snack box when planning to head out for a long drive.

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Planning a road trip? But spending long hours behind the wheel can be boring and tiring. You grab chips or cola to kill the boredom. Usually the food we carry with us is either messy, unhealthy, smelly or leads to grumbling tummy. We bring you a list of healthy and better snacks for a road trip that are packed with nutrients and are easy to carry.

Chocolates definitely make you happy, but due to high content of sugar and fat, it can make you drowsy. Chocolates can be sticky and messy too. Kids like to hold things in their hand for a longer period of time. Melted chocolate can end up on their clothing, seats and windows.

Chips contain too much of salt and calories, therefore chips are not suitable as they lack fibre and do not last for long.

The high proportion of whole wheat flour makes cookies more suitable than any other sweet snacks, making it ideal even for children. Always  decide the type of cookies that you take along on your road trip. Instead of gooey cookies go for dry cookies, as they are better option for road trips.

Dry fruits and nuts
These make for great snacks on a long road trip. Dry fruits and nuts are a great combination well. You can pack a variety of raisins along with almonds, walnuts and peanuts to add that tangy taste to your snack. They hold huge quantities of nutrients in a rational proportion. They are easy to digest and clean the digestive system and blood. Too much of anything, though, can cause stomach upsets, so make sure you consume these in small portions.

A fair share of fruits such as banana, apples, grapes and oranges are a great way to fight hunger. They contain a lot of vitamins and water that helps in fighting dehydration. They are easily digestible and are low in calories. Not only do they provide the necessary energy, but are also a great source of essential fibres, which otherwise are lacking in other types of snacks.

Whole grain bread, salad leaves and tomato slices, served with a slice of cheese - that is our "deluxe sandwich". Sandwiches are considered very good snacks, and have ample amount of nutrients and are filling too.

Energy drinks
Drinking energy drinks while driving helps you stay awake and focused. Try to avoid caffeinated energy drinks. If at all you have to drink a caffeinated  one, stick to just one can.

Nutri bars
Nutri-bars can deliver a surprising amount of nutrients at a reasonable cost. Many of today's nutrition bars actually taste great and will load you with protein and vitamins. Buy a few flavours, identify your favourites, and you will have a reliable meal option on your drive.

Cake, pastries are equally devoid of lasting nutritional value, but children (and adults) will love them on the way from one city to the next, and if your blood sugar is dipping, a few bites will be enough to restore the equilibrium. But remember to consume water after eating cakes and pastries.

Juices are better for your health as they have an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Juice also helps in easy absorption of essential nutrients in our body. Fruit juice adds to the fibre and vitamin quotient. They are a refreshing way to beat the heat in summers. Buy sealed packs of different juices for the trip.

Sun dried fruits
Sun-dried fruits are a great tasting snack. They have the same nutritional benefits as regular fruits. Don’t forget to pack things like dates and figs, or even banana chips, which are high in fibre.

Colas provide short bursts of energy because of high sugar content, but after a while the driver falls back in the power hole. Colas are meant for adults, and not for kids. But you need to keep the cola chilled, which might not be possible, in order to enjoy your drink.

Boiled eggs also make for a perfect road trip snack - healthy and full of proteins. Despite their on-and-off bad rap, eggs provide a good source of protein, choline and lutein. Hard-boiled eggs are highly portable and make for a nice accompaniment to many on-the-go snacks. Do remember to keep them in an insulated pack. To simplify eating them when you're on the road, peal the eggs before you leave for your trip.

Additional tip
Whether you're travelling alone, or with someone, these snacks are easy to consume while driving and will help you avoid fast-food along the way. But, do take short breaks to refresh. Also, during a road trip make sure that you consume a lot of water to avoid dehydration. If driving makes you sleepy, try chewing gums as it stops yawning and dozing off.

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