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Tyre maintenance guide - How to take care of tyres?

Tyre maintenance guide - How to take care of tyres?

Snapshot: Here are ten basic tips to check and maintain car tyres

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We forget that tyres are the only point of contact between the car and the road. Therefore tyres condition is extremely important for our safety on the road. A good set of tyres also mean the rubber is in good condition which helps with the ride quality of the car. Here we have listed some tips that will ensure your tyres remain in good health.

Tyre change
What's the right time to replace the old tyre with a new one? A tyre should be replaced before the tread depth decreases below the recommended tread depth (Generally, 1.4mm for wet conditions). You can also find tread wear indicators on tyres that would let you know if the tread has worn out. According to experts a tyre should not be used more than 10 years regardless of the total kilometres driven, since the tyres also age with time and it affects the reliability and increase the risk of tyre failure.

Tyre rotation
Since tyres age with time as well, it is important to bring out the spare wheel and rotate the tyres for even wear after every 10,000km. The first rotation is important as it sets the stage for tyre wear. Rotating tyres from time to time would ensure that all the tyres are sharing the burden equally and no tyre is under or over exposed. It is also important to get the alignment checked. A sign that the car needs alignment is when it begins to pull to one side. It's better if you get the alingment done before you notice the signs, you can get it done every 15,000km and also when you replace the wheels / tyres.

Tyre pressure
It is important to get the tyre pressure checked weekly. It is essential to maintain tyre pressure at the level recommended by the manufacturer. Correct tyre pressure lowers the risk of losing control of the car and prevents uneven wear that might result from underinflation or overinflation.

Tread depth
The depth of the tread should be around 1.6mm. Replace the tyres if its low. This is essential for stable cornering, braking and high speed driving.

Drive smoothly
Rough braking takes away the life of the car tyre and causes early wear and tear. It is important to drive at a constant pace and avoid applying frequent brakes. If you drive rashly and brake regularly it leads to tyre skidding resulting in the tyre losing its tread much quicker.

Tyre storage
Store the tyres in cool and dry place away from sources of sunlight, heat and ozone such as hot pipes and electric motors. Ensure the surface is clean and free from grease, fuel or any other substance that can worsen the rubber. It is also recommended to wear protective gloves when handling tyres.  

Alloys & tyres
If you are planning to get alloys for your car, it is best to check original tyre circumference. Driving high profile tyres in India is considered better.

Valve care
Valve and valve cap are important as they protect the tyres from dust and dirt particles. Ensure both are in good condition to maintain an air-tight seal and correct tyre pressure.  

Careful with the jack
It is recommended to use a hydraulic car jack as it guarantees easy working and provide proper safety of the car. If hydraulic jack is not available, a standard jack provided by the car manufacturer should do. Make sure the base where the punctured tyre is being replaced is flat and firm.

Tyre rim
Don't forget to the clean the tyre rim to keep away from dirt and dust. Also make sure there are no visible bends therein. Also the rim valve hole should be round and smooth.

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