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Useless features in a car

Useless features in a car

Snapshot: Get to know few useless features in a car, which most of the sales person use

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Car makers in today’s world believe on their products more if the product spends more time in the marketing area more than the technology or engineering area. Well, it sometimes is the long list of fancy equipment terms that the marketers use to grab the attention of the buyers and attract more customers to its product. People love gadget and longer the equipment list, the easier it is for salesman in the dealer shop to engage the customer on the different prospects of their brand and the more one can get in their inventories.

Well, too many gadgets divert your attention and the long list of equipment is not bible of “What you should get in your car!”, instead the long equipment list sometimes becomes more of a distraction rather than aiding the driver.

We bring a list of features that we rather would prefer not to have in our car. Read about the mechanism behind them and why we don’t them, maybe in your next buy, you would not have to shell out more for the useless equipment and save a lot of money.

Touch Screens

Well, they are nice looking gadgets that look good inside the car and offers you with interactive features. Some of the large screen displays may offer good features like navigation and vital stats from the vehicle, but touch screens are a big no-no. While driving around, touch screens need too much attentions to be precise, you need to remove your gaze from the front of the road and look at the screen while doing anything or everything.

The good old buttons which can be felt and pressed are any day better than the touchscreens. Either ask for help from the co-driver to change the settings else stop looking at the road and do the honoring with a touch screen.

Instantaneous Fuel Efficiency

Driving a car at low rpm and suddenly your eyes pop out to see the Information Display, which says 70 km / liter. The whole automobile would have gone into a shock-wave if that was true, well, presenting the Instantaneous Fuel Efficiency feature, which always gives you the shocks of your life when you look at the display with unrealistic figures. Well, they are designed to show the fuel average with position of throttle, speed, and gear – and most of the cars get them wrong.

We rather not have a system than having something which displays everything wrong and gives us shock waves when the fuel level does not drops according to the display figures.

Cooled Glove Box

To keep your maps and documents intact for longer time! Well, you would not like that, do you? Chilled glove box sounds so inviting on the papers, but they are simple an AC vent into the glove box and they are not effective in any way to keep your beer or anything else cold. Cooled glove box are another marketing gimmick and if the sales person tells you that it will keep your ice cream intact for you till the end of the trip, you should know that it is time to leave the showroom.

As much we can bring more useless features to you, these few top the list and are something any dealer try to make them more prominent when selling the cars.

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