Video - How to be the luckiest Man Alive and Stupid at the same Time!!

Video - How to be the luckiest Man Alive and Stupid at the same Time!!

Snapshot: Be warned, the video is not for the Weak Hearted!!!

Usually we bring you some fun filled videos and stories to help you get through the mid week crisis and get back some adrenaline which we all almost loose by the time Wednesday arrives every week.  This week too, we have a video to show you, but more than being funny, it is about having a close shave with death, and about how astonishingly lucky someone can be, and yes how close we always are to wrap up our stuff here on planet earth and go knocking on heavens (Naah! mostly hells) doors.

We must warn you that this Video is not meant for the faint hearted, neither it is for those with a squeamish nature. We are not very sure about the location of the point of origin of this video, but it is something that can happen almost anywhere if truth is to be told.

The video is of a two wheeler rider who manages to avoid a very squishy demise. Shot by , what seems like a on board helmet mounted Go-Pro or a similar devise. The video shows the camera mounted biker coming up between two lorries, he speeds up to slip between the pair, but abandons at the last minute. Unfortunately, a two wheeler rider behind also wanted to overtake between the lorries, and whacks into our unfortunate protagonist. 

What follows after is an example of how this particular riders Guardian Angel worked overtime to make it possible for him not to convert himself into pulpy splash on a highway. Cue a horrifically scary moment as the biker falls from his bike, and narrowly avoids being... well, you'll see.

This serves as a rather shocking reminder of the fact that we never can emphasis enough here, Riding Two-Wheelers is a risky business and whenever you are on one, please pay an out most attention to riding and do not take any undue risks that may not even leave you with a chance to feel sorry. Life and Death are a divided by a whisker of a margin, and you should respect this fragile balance.

We humbly request our readers to wear all the protective riding gear when they are out on road and be utterly careful towards their own safety as well as that of the other road users.

Like always, Ride Safe fellow Riders!!! Set the Right Examples!!

on 2014-12-03 03:15:31

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