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Video - Porsche chassis technologies explained – PDCC, PTV, and Sport Chrono

Video - Porsche chassis technologies explained – PDCC, PTV, and Sport Chrono

Snapshot: Porsche's chassis technologies explained with the help of simple videos.

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As far as cars are concerned the electronic nannies have always been considered as essential evils, because while they can save you from a potential disaster, they do so by robbing the driver of the ‘pure’ driving experience. Now with the more effective systems coming into play, carmakers have started to offer driver aids that not just shave a few seconds off the lap times, but also maintain that the dynamic qualities of the car stay intact. Porsche has showcased its very popular technologies – PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control), PTV Plus (Porsche Torque Vectoring), and Sport Chrono – with the help of a video.

Shown in the video are three Porsche 911 Carrera S’s. The basic car boasts a standard-fitment PTV; the second car gets the optional Sport Chrono in addition; while the third car gets PDCC, too. Conducted on the manufacturer’s testing facility at the Leipzig track, the systems successfully show how power could be effectively put down on the track, keeping the losses, and in case of the PDCC-equipped car, body role to a minimum.

To recapitulate, the showcased technologies are pretty simple to understand.

PTV, or Porsche Torque Vectoring, comes with manual gearbox while the PDK gearbox equipped models get PTV Plus, as seen on the car here. The former relies on a mechanical differential at the rear, applies brakes to the inner rear wheel and sends more torque to the outside wheel, thus making the car follow a sharper, well-defined trajectory. The PTV Plus unit uses an electronic differential, and does the same thing – that is offer Porsche owners the ability to push the limits of their cars without having to bring danger to their lives, or racing lines.

PDCC or Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control ensures the body roll in the car remains minimum, so essentially the 911 Carrera S in the video corners flat, without losing traction or reducing the driver’s confidence. The system, connected to each individual wheel, produces countering force to achieve almost zero roll.

Sport Chrono package comes with dynamic engine mounts, a Sport Plus mode, performance display, and a digital/analogue stopwatch that adorns the centre console. The hard working minds at Stuttgart have also enabled the use of  Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and PDCC when the Sport Plus button is pressed. Not only does the chassis become stiffer, it also offers a greater degree of freedom to which the car can be pushed. And let’s not forget the launch control (comes on PDK-equipped cars), too!

And while the rest is best left to be witnessed in the video, keep sure that you have your earphones handy, because the flat six engine still sounds so good. And so Porsche.

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