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Why do brakes make noise and How to stop it?

Why do brakes make noise and How to stop it?

Snapshot: Normally brakes shouldn't make noise and should work smoothly. However, if the brakes of your car are making noise, here are a few thing that you can do to correct them.

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If you know how the brakes work, then you would know that brake application involves brake pads coming in contact with rotors, and it is due to this the car comes to a stop. There are several reasons due to which you could be hearing noise from your brakes. We discuss them all in this article and let you know how to stop them.

Braked Pads Wear

As you use brakes, the brake pads will wear out and when they are completely worn out, the backing plate will start to come in contact with rotor. This will make noise whenever you press the brakes. Some brake pads have wear indicator built into them which unlike the normal brake pads generate a loud squeal and let you know that brake pads are worn out. The only way to get rid of the noise is to replace the brake pads. And it’s better that you get the ones with wear-indicator as they prevent the rotor from getting damaged and warn in advance.

Brake Rotor Wear

Brakes rotor do not wear out as easily as the brakes pads, but they do. Uneven wear and tear due to aggressive usage can cause the rotor to wear, if the warp is greater than what the tolerance can avoid, it may not create a noise, otherwise, it would create a permanent squeal that can be heard while you drive the car (even without brake pressed.) Since brake rotor gets worn out in the middle, it could leave the metal peripheries (ridges) on the outer and inside sides untouched, which would make noise when they come in contact with the brake pads. You can scrape them using sand paper, however the rotor is warped too much; you would need to replace it.

Contaminated Brakes

You are mostly likely to get noise due to contaminated brakes if you are driving an SUV or drove a car through mud. Dirt getting trapped in the middle of the brake pads and rotor can not only create noise but can also damage the brake pads and rotor. You can wash the pads and rotors to get rid of the noise, overtime, it should improve. If it does not, you may need to sand the brake pad to get rid of the debris. If the rotor has grooves and is permanently damaged due to the debris, they may require turning as well.

Lack of Lubrication

Faulty brake hardware that’s worn out may be the culprit that’s making the noise. In case you don’t have new hardware, you can use the existing one after proper sanding. Make sure that you lubricate the contact points between the brake rotors and brake pads with cooper or graphite based lubricants this would prevent noise as brake pads move between the callipers. Likewise use silicone based lubricant for calliper guide pins.

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