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Why motorcycles are alive, more alive than many of us?

Why motorcycles are alive, more alive than many of us?

Snapshot: They are more than just steel and bones, they are alive!

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If you are an average office going person whose brain doesn’t seem to process anything else apart from files, money and desktop screen then this write-up might not be for you. But if you ride motorcycles and consider your bike more than just a machine, you might find something worth talking to your friends after you finish reading it.

Over a century ago, battle horses were replaced by motorcycles but love between the rider and its ride remained the same. Motorcycles were made for the purpose of more effective commuting but over a century the relationship between man and motorcycle evolved into something much deeper. I mean how often do you hear the news of someone getting buried painting, or playing guitar or the closest, driving a car? Late Billy Standley from Ohio, USA had the last wish of getting buried riding his 1967 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Cruiser and he was buried just like that, astride his Harley in a glass box.

Bikes are full of life than some of us humans, they need love and care to keep them running. If you take care of them in the garage they will take care of you out on the road. Bikes need regular maintenance check-up just like us and clean petrol like we need unadulterated food. While if you ignore them, ahem, I hope road assistance works well in your area. One faulty part leads to another fault in the system till it turns into a major issue. Like if you don’t fix the cooling system on the bike it might bust the gasket and your engine will then need some major repairs just like our body if we ignore minor health problems they turn out worse in time.

Another major similarity I thought possible is in the way both human body and bike reacts under non-linear running conditions. If you ever paid attention to your fitness trainer, you will remember him saying that ‘surprise your body by keeping on changing intensity and pace for burning maximum body fuel’ and the same rule applies to the bikes. You can get the maximum efficiency by maintaining an average steady pace and the vice versa also holds true as sprint for a couple of minutes and you run out of breath in the drop of a hat. That the reason why marathon runners run at a constant pace to maximize their range.

A bike’s legs are its suspensions. If you take a closer look to suspension rod, it’s under rod section is primarily made of two things, springs, and fluids. Springs are there for shock absorption and suspension fluids to keep the system lubricated. Showing dramatic similarities, a human knee joint comprises of menisci, which act as cartilage shock absorber pads and joint fluids which are there to keep the knee lubricated. Interesting?

It all comes down to the fact that nature is the greatest creator and us humans have taken inspiration from it in all complex things we’ve ever managed to make. Be it the tandem rotor helicopters that takes inspiration from dragonflies or submarines which essentially replicates the body structure of wahoo fish that allows it go fast under water. Everything we’ve basically made has deeper logics that we often ignore or fail to understand but that doesn’t make it untrue. 

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