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Why odd even rule bound to fail without including Two wheelers

Why odd even rule bound to fail without including Two wheelers

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The Aam Aadmi Party’s signature method to cut down air-pollution along with relieve from traffic jams did not manage to beat the odds on an even day, the first after an extended weekend, as chaos ruled the roads. According to statistics, bikes and scooters stand next to diesel operated vehicle when it comes to emission of pollution, in fact, experts have said that it is immature to ignore bikes if you are developing a long-term plan to control air pollution. Delhi has nearly 55 lakh two-wheelers which produce more than 50 percent of car pollution. This fact has ignited the debate if including two-wheelers in this “Smart Move” by Delhi Government could actually provide additional help in bringing down the pollution level.


The truth is Odd and Even 2.0 is not bringing down the pollution level as expected, in fact, it is higher than they were before the beginning of the rule. This rise can be attributed to the fact in the recent increase of two-wheelers. Some people who possess both car and bike might have shifted to the latter on alternate days. Many people on social media are hailing the lesser traffic on the road and hence, lesser time is taken for their daily commute. The point is that the decongestion of traffic was not the aim of the Odd-Even Formula, instead, its main objective was to curb pollution level which it failed to do.

But why is Arvind Kejriwal’s Government refusing to include Two-wheelers? , at least for the next two years as public transport isn't ready to deal with an extra load of people daily. Brushing aside allegations of vote-bank politics, he said: "They (two-wheelers) are not exempt because they are the poor man's mode of travel. Everyone is our vote bank; how else could we win 66 of the 70 seats?"

I used to ride my odd-numbered bike for daily commuting, but as a responsible citizen,now I have voluntarily started using public mode of transport on even-days, because the truth is, we really are facing a critical issue here, and what we could at least do is to play our part to reduce air pollution. One of the best thing you could do is to regularly maintain your vehicle because a motorcycle which is in a bad condition is capable of wasting approximately 15-20 per cent of fuel, it also consumes 11 percent more power while standing on idle. In India traffic rules are taken less seriously, many youngsters often breeze past the red light at dangerous speed since they are thinking that they are participating in MotoGP race.

Speeding vehicles are not only risky but they also increase your bike’s emission, which results in about 5-7 per cent of average fuel economy loss. Avoid Idling, It is one of the key factors that causes pollution, actually, idling for even 60 seconds can waste fuel and create more pollution than turning off the engine and restarting it. According to experts, 10-15 minutes of daily idling can waste almost 60 litres of petrol annually. So the next time you are going to stop for a minute or more, turn off your engine. This way you not save money but also help reduce air pollution. 

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