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Yacouba Feline One - World's Most Expensive Bike which Costs $280,000 or INR 1.74 Crores, Yup THAT Much!

Yacouba Feline One - World's Most Expensive Bike which Costs $280,000 or INR 1.74 Crores, Yup THAT Much!

Snapshot: And then you had to ask, how much is too much!!!

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industry these days. But motorcycles? That’s a different story altogether. Rare is the time when a bike fetches anything close to six figures, but more than $250,000? It’s even rarer to see something like that hit the market today.

All that is true, but the Yacouba Feline is here to be the exception. Built by Feline Motorcycles in collaboration with French designer Yacouba Galle, the Yacouba Feline is probably the most expensive bike in the market today. That’s a distinction you earn when you’re priced at $280,000.
According to Galle, the design of the Feline was inspired by a panther, although if you look at it, you might notice that there are some scorpion-like details in there, too. But the bike’s aesthetics is only one part of what the Feline is offering to anybody willing to pay that much money to buy one. The bike also has a pretty stout 800 cc four-cylinder engine that packs 170 horsepower. Combine that with its dramatic styling and the expensive materials used on the machine and you get what is arguably one of the most dynamic bikes in the market today.

Design - 

Isn’t it nice to see a bike that defies conventional design behavior and just shoots for the stars? French designer Yacouba Galle certainly took a lot of liberties in designing the Feline Yacouba. The clean lines evoke the kind of sexiness that the bike is overflowing in.

The powerful front fork carries an aggressive profile while the hook-shaped back looks just like a scorpion’s tail. The carbon fiber front fairing adds to its post and expensive quality and the exposed rear wheel almost creates a visual imbalance that still somehow brings out that dramatic look of the bike.

All this might be jarring for some people, but it’s par for the course for Yacouba. After all, he’s the same designer who has penned some randy motorcycles of the years, including the 1999 Kawasaki ZXR-750 Cafe Racer and the 2008 MV Agusta Bestiale.KTM racing competition models etc.

Now, he’s got his own limited-run motorcycle named exclusively after him. That’s what 
happens when talent meets fortuitous timing.

Design Specifications - 
Wheelbase    1,400 mm (44.9 inches)
Saddle height    808 mm (31.8 inches)
Dry weight    155 kg (342 pounds)

Frame - 

Feline Motorcycles didn’t dive too deep into the mechanical workings of the bike’s frame, but the question is still begging to be asked.

You know how you can charge six figures for a motorcycle? One way of doing it is by designing a frame made entirely out of carbon fiber, titanium, and aerospace aluminum. Let me repeat that. Aerospace aluminum! That’s the kind of material NASA uses! Not to be outdone by the frame, the bike’s suspension system, specifically the fork and swingarm, were also made from dual carbon and carbon fiber, respectively. it gets even more mental when you check out those rims. No alloys here, fellas. Those are carbon fiber rims wrapped in 17-inch tires and supported by four discs in the front with four-piston calipers and a single disc at the back.

Frame Specifications - 

Frame    Titanium, carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum
Fork    Dual carbon swingarms, 2-dampers with fiber spring
Swingarm    Carbon Fiber, mono damper with fiber spring
Rims    Carbon fiber
Front brake    4-discs Ø 230 mm, with 4-pistons calipers
Rear brake    Single disc Ø 220 mm
Front tire    120/70 – ZR 17
Rear tire    200/50 – ZR 17
Fairing    Carbon Fiber

Would you buy one, if you could? Let us know in comments!! Ride Safe!!

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