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Toyota Innova Crysta Insurance Premium Price

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Toyota Innova Crysta
13.85 – 22.15 Lakh
  • Car Details
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Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Car Details
  • Personal Details
Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Car Details
  • Personal Details
Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Car Details
  • Personal Details

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Benefits of Car Insurance

If you enroll for the best policy, here are the key benefits that you will be getting:

In case of accident:

  • Coverage of personal accidental loss
  • Coverage of damage of the vehicle insured
  • Coverage of damage or loss caused to the third party including injury, death and loss of property (covered in third party car insurance)

In case of theft:

  • Coverage of loss of insured vehicle in case of theft

In other cases:

  • Coverage of damage or loss caused to the vehicle in incidents such as fire, explosion, riots, strikes, natural calamities, self ignition, lightning, act of terrorism etc.
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Why you need a car insurance?

Having a car insurance policy is mandatory in India. Owning a car exposes you to various risks. It might be stolen or damaged severely due to an accident. In case of an accident, a third person might also get injured or die, or damage may be caused to his/her property. Having a comprehensive auto insurance plan covers you from the financial losses occurred due to any of the above mentioned scenarios.

Nowadays, when you can easily buy a car insurance online, in fact, car insurance renewals can also be done online, there is no point of driving a car with expired or no insurance. Provide your car details in the form above to get the most suitable car insurance quotes. You can also use it as a car insurance calculator to know the premium that you will need to pay for the online car insurance purchase.

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Commonly-Asked Questions

  • Who is entitled to avail benefits?
    Anybody who buys insurance through Autoportal is entitled to get the benefits, irrespective of the amount of their policy premium. As soon as you book your policy, the offer items will be dispatched via regular courier service to the address provided by you.
  • How are we different from other insurance comparison websites?
    There are 3 main reasons that we are different from other websites.
    1. SMART COMPARISON ENGINE: We‘ve developed a brilliant comparison engine that uses business inputs from our insurance experts, who have years of experience in the industry, and algorithms designed by our tech experts. When you put in your details, it processes that information, and shows you the shortlisted and recommended plans that are best for you in terms of both prices as well as features.
    2. KNOWLEDGEABLE SUPPORT TEAM: We‘ve built a team of experienced, knowledgeable and friendly people. Our team is equipped and motivated to help you solve all your queries and issues. Have trouble with claims? Need to understand your policy features? Looking for help with your paperwork? Your dedicated relationship manager is always there for you. Since we have a broking license, in the rare chance that the need should arise, we can also help in resolving disputes.
    3. EASY POLICY MANAGEMENT:Do you need a tax certificate? Can't trace your policy copy? Need to change your contact details? Log in and find everything you need or simply call your relationship manager.
  • I need to understand features of the policy that I wish to buy. Whom should I talk to?
    Autoportal and CoverFox have worked hard to ensure that you understand all the features of the plan while shortlisting on the website itself. If you still need help, our support team is available to chat with you on the website. Alternatively, if you want to talk to someone, feel free to call us on 08048050030.
  • How secure is the transaction while buying insurance online?
    Your transaction is completely secure with us. We work with the best payment gateway available in the country, and strive to ensure that your information is completely safe and private.

Coverage under Car Insurance

Depending on the nature of coverage, there are majorly three types of Car Insurance.

Third party liability Coverage

The third party insurance for car is compulsory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act. This insurance covers up the damage or injury caused by you to the affected person or property, when you are the driver at fault.

Collision Coverage

Under this policy, you can recover the damaged caused to your car by collision i.e. accident. However, this kind of insurance offers claim only when the damage is caused due to accident. It doesn’t cover damage or loss caused due to theft/vandalism.

Comprehensive Coverage

You can consider Comprehensive Coverage as an all-in-one car insurance policy. It is the best option and provides the least botheration to the policyholder. It does not only cover the damage or loss of your car, but also the third party injury and the personal accident coverage. You can extend the policy on other things as well such as accessories, engine protector, zero depreciation, medical expenditure etc. However, the more things you get covered, the expensive the premiums become. Use the premium calculator to ascertain the amount.

Car insurance comparison

Always compare car insurance policies from multiple companies to make sure you are getting the best deal for your vehicle. It can help you save a lot on premiums, and at the same time, lets you buy a policy which offers maximum coverage. However, a manual comparison is a time taking task and may not worth the time investment, hence it is recommended to compare car insurances online. You can also compare and buy a third party car insurance online.

Online Policy renewal

You can not only buy a policy online but also renew them. You can use the renewal premium calculator by providing the details of your car to renew car insurance.