Overall rating: 4.00
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10 Aprilia Mana User Reviews

A very good bike

Overall rating: 4.50
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-19 17:44:34
Aprilia Mana is an overall good bike. I must say it has got some very good and unique features. It has different modes like ???sport gear???, ???sport??? and ???rain??? mode. The engine of the bike is very powerful. It has the sweetest handling pleasure among most other bikes. The combination of sup... Read More »

A good quality bike

Overall rating: 4.50
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-19 17:43:30
The bike is really good, though it lacks tachometer. It has a good and powerful engine, has speedometer and also has different modes like ???rain mode???, ???sport mode??? and ???sport gear??? mode. Riding of an Aprilia Mana is very comfortable. Aprilia has done a great job in mapping the fuel injec... Read More »

Superb Bike

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-05-11 11:17:56
Aprila Mana is really one of the most fascinating bikes. I bought this bike a year ago and really i am really pleased by its performance and design. Its soft silencer and transmission gives the bike a unique quality. The bike has good quality seats which helps us during our long distance journey .It... Read More »

amazing model

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-05-10 11:16:21
This year only i purchased this model and i am quite happy because i got my dream bike within my range. The bike is really unique because for its performance. It has a easy facilities of changing gear into different modes. There is also 3 modes of transmission. A real biker will always go for Aprili... Read More »

My dream bike

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-09 11:15:05
A dream bike!!!!!!.... really one of the finest bike i have ever seen. It has an automatic transmission system with 3 modes of transmission. Riders can easily change gears. Sports lovers can also use this bike as a sports bike because it has a great top speed and good acceleration. The bike is quite... Read More »