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Maxi scooters are all the rage in Europe offering sportbike rivalling performance with the practicality and convenience of a step-through. In fact so popular are they that almost every bike manufactur... Read more »

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Aprilia SRV 850 Overview

Maxi scooters are all the rage in Europe offering sportbike rivalling performance with the practicality and convenience of a step-through. In fact so popular are they that almost every bike manufacturer worth their salt has an offering in this segment. The Suzuki Burgman is a prime example. Aprilia which has been playing in the market for a while now have also introduced a product in this category- The Aprilia SRV 850. Based on the Piaggio GP800, Aprilia have managed to create a radical new product that breaks away from conventional scooter design and looks like something that rolled straight out of a Transformers movie. But it is not just about styling whatsoever. Practicality and ease of use should also rule supreme and thus we attempt to find more details about this big Aprilia scooter.

Aprilia SRV 850 Engine & Transmission

The Aprilia SRV 850 is a big scooter, make no mistake about it. The Aprilia SRV 850 engine features a 90 degree V twin engine thus making it the most powerful scooter in the world.The liquid cooled fuel injected engine featuring 4 valves per cylinder and twin-spark ignition has a displacement capacity of 839.3 cc. Featuring bore X stroke dimensions of 88 X 69 mm and an optimised engine control system, it pushes out maximum power of 76 HP @ 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 76.4 Nm @ 6,000 rpm. Featuring twin lambda probes the engine control unit can optimise management of the fuel-air mixture for the two cylinders for better combustion and linear power delivery with torque flexibility at medium rpms. The new system ensures an optimum balance between fuel economy and tailpipe emissions. Additionally the crankshaft and transmission feature a rotational motion opposite that of the wheels in order to significantly reduce rotational inertia and the gyroscopic effect. As a result the handling and agility of the Aprilia SRV 850 get enhanced significantly. The aluminium swingarm has been mounted and secured solidly to the frame helping to get excellent high speed stability. The engine also features vibe free elastic mounts which prevents the vibrations transmitted by the engine from reaching the rider thus ensuring a stress free ride for the rider. This engine is mated to a twist and go CVT (continuously variable transmission) unit featuring a torque server and a dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers. Final drive is taken care of via a chain drive that features a race-derived Regina chain setup that gets Z ring sealing.

Aprilia SRV 850 Mileage

The Aprilia SRV 850 has an overall fuel economy of 21 kmpl. Coupled with the 18 ltr. fuel tank one can comfortably expect a range of 300-325 km between fuel stops.

Aprilia SRV 850 Performance and Handling

The Aprilia SRV 850 features a double cradle frame made of steel trellis pipes with reinforcing and rigidity plates. This immensely helps the scooter leans into turns like a sport bike while maintaining neutral mid corner behaviour. This is all thanks to the complex sportbike like suspension setup which runs off a cast aluminium swingarm in on the rear that has been secured directly to the frame plates. On top of this a hydraulic monoshock is mounted laterally via leverage in a horizontal position, with seven way adjustable spring preload. The all aluminium 41 mm hydraulic telescopic front fork with stanchions and 122 mm travel help improvement of dynamic control of the vehicle, improving braking and leaning stability. The SRV 850 features all aluminium lightweight wheel rims to reduce unsprung mass and enhance riding precision. Featuring 16 inch 120/70 wheels and radial tyres at the front and 15inch 160/60 on the rear the wheel/tyre combo helps with stability and traction Braking duties are taken up at the front by Brembo Gold Series double piston floating callipers and two 300mm semi-floating steel discs. On the rear the floating calliper with twin opposing pistons works in conjunction with a 280 mm steel disc. The Aprilia SRV 850 even gets its own parking brake.