User review on Aprilia SRV 850 written by (Guest) on 2015-08-22 17:37:32
Overall rating: 4.25
Design (Exterior/Interior)
Design - 5.00
Inside Comfort
Inside Comfort - 4.00
Driving Comfort
Driving Comfort - 4.00
Performance & Safety
Performance & Safety - 4.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Aprilia SRV 850

Year of Manufacture: 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 3325
  • Pros: comes with traction control and ABS, awesome looks
  • Cons: very high price range

Full Review:

Aprilia SRV 850 is a super bike in all aspects. It is the first scooter to come with ABS and traction control. The techs have adapted ATC for the special needs of a scooter which has more weight over the back wheel. You can also select the sport mode which is less intrusive or turn off the ABS/ATC traction control system with a button on the right switch block.