Expected price:

80,000 – 100,000

Expected Launch Date:  Jun 2018

Ather 340
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Ather 340 Overview

Ather Energy has commenced its operations in India recently by launching its first-ever electric scooter as Ather 340. This Bengaluru-based startup automobile company has launched the electric scooter currently in Bengaluru only as the company aims at expanding its brand to other cities by 2020. The Ather electric scooters are available in two variants –Ather 340 & Ather 450. With its estimated price range to be around 1 Lakh INR to 1.1 Lakh INR, the Ather 340 is indeed set to become the most expensive electric scooter in its lineage. The Ather scooter 340 has also be renamed from its earlier version S340. 

Ather 340 Engine & Transmission

The Ather 340 electric scooter is powered by a 4.4kW electric motor that comes with a peak torque rating of 20 Nm. Offering a claimed top speed of 70 km/hr, the electric scooter offers an acceleration time of 5.1 seconds for the range 0-40 km/hr. The electric scooter motor is powered by the presence of lithium-ion batteries. The overall usable capacity offered by Ather 340 turns out to be 1.92 kWh. With company-claimed fast charging capacity, Ather Energy claims that 80 percent of the battery can be charged in around 50 minutes.

Ather 340 Braking & Safety

The braking hardware of the Ather 340 electric scooter consists of the presence of disc brakes on both ends along with the presence of the CBS (Combined Braking System) on both the wheels. 

Ather 340 Competitors

The all-new Ather 340 electric scooter competes with models like the Honda Grazia and Piaggio Vespa. 

Ather 340 Mileage

The all-new Ather 340 electric scooter is expected to reach the top speed of 70 km/hr upon full charging and offers a battery range of 60 km per full charge capacity. The Ather 340 claims offering the real-world range of around 75 km in the economy mode and 60 km during the power mode. In terms of its overall design, the new-gen Ather 340 electric scooter resembles the design features of Ather 450. As per the claims of Ather Energy, the Ather 340 turns out to be the most feature-rich and the smartest electric scooters that has recently gone on sale in India. The high-end electric scooter boasts cutting-edge technical features like the presence of a 7-inch adaptive touchscreen, GPS, LED headlight, customer user interface, diagnostic alerts, combines brakes, and so more. 

Ather 340 Performance and Handling

In terms of ensuring top-notch performance & seamless handling to its users, the company has laid out revolutionary technical features through the Ather 340 electric motor. Some of the high-end features include the presence of GPS, adaptive LED headlight, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, charging station location tracking, diagnostic alerts, custom user interfaces, parking assist function, combined brakes, and so more. The advanced electric scooter also receives 6-axis IMU which enables it to analyze detailed riding information. It also allows for the IMU-controlled self-canceling indicators to function effectively. A dedicated smartphone app further allows seamless function control over the scooter’s touchscreen along with offering access to other vital functions & information of the vehicle. 

Ather 340 What we think

Ather Energy will be offering a special subscription plan for Ather 340 for ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience for the end users.