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Avon Cycles Limited is Avon group’s flagship company which was incorporated in 1951 in Ludhiana. Avon is a well-known brand and is the largest exporter of bicycles in India. The motto of the company is to deliver quality at affordable prices. They have also ventured in the niche segment of e-bikes and fitness equipment. 

The Pahwa Brothers of Ludhiana wanted to provide a reliable medium of mobility to the newly independent India. They started manufacturing saddles and brakes for bicycles in 1948 and then manufactured their first batch of 250 bicycles in 1951, thus, launching their full-fledged business. Taking note of the trend of utility bikes they ventured into electric bikes and scooters in the year 2006.The company manufactures bicycles aimed at all age groups. Young Trainers and Chotta Bheem range for kids, Trendies range for teenagers and Roadster for group ups. They also have Hi-Power and Style & Luxury bikes for biking enthusiasts. Along with that the company has a wide of accessories and parts made in their own facility which are even exported to around eighty countries.Avon Cycles first e-bike called Avon E-Bike is based on triple mode power i.e. manual, motor and pedal assist. They now have four more models- Avon E-Bike VX, E-Lite, E-Magic, E-Plus -based on the same concept. These bikes come with paddles and run on brushless 220 Watt DC motors accompanied with sealed, maintenance free and rechargeable battery. A single charge is enough to take up to 40 kilometres and if assisted with paddling can go up to 60 kilometres.

Range Of Electric Scooters

E-Star, E-Scoot , E-Bike , E-PlusE-Bike VX , E-Lite and E-Mate. E-Scoot & E-Mate come fitted with a 48V-20Ah maintenance free battery along with 220 Watt Brushless DC motor. They can travel up to 65 kilometres with a single charge of 6-8 hours. Major features include mechanical locking, tamper proof steering lock and electronic-anti theft audio alarm with remote control. E-Star is the advanced model of e-scooter which has a 48V-33Ah battery paired with 1100 Watt motor. The maximum speed is 55 kmph. It comes with additional features like Speedometer, Odometer and Hydraulic shock absorbers.Their products are high on quality, environment friendly, low in maintenance and very reliable due to the easily availability of parts and a wide dealer network. Their products are also available online through their e-commerce website. The trusted brand has been there for over sixty years now and continues to keep up to its philosophy of delivering excellent Value for Money.