User review on Avon E-Plus written by (Guest) on 2015-07-27 16:41:04
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Overall rating: 4.25
Design (Exterior/Interior)
Design - 4.00
Inside Comfort
Inside Comfort - 5.00
Driving Comfort
Driving Comfort - 4.00
Performance & Safety
Performance & Safety - 4.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Avon E-Plus

Year of Manufacture: 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 750
  • Cons: SLOW

Full Review:

I liked it at its very first look as it looks like a cycle and it operated on electricity which makes it eco-friendly as we all know our increasing pollution is or main concern these days. This bike is just an alternative to fuel though it??™s slow but it is a very good bike and I will also help us minimize the increasing pollution day by day. I will rate this bike 4/ should obviously buy this bike with such amazing features!