By: Praneet on 2015-07-02

Can we install kick in Avenger, what is the mileage of this bike?

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Absence of kick-start is not a thing to worry, if the battery starts dying, it starts indicating the lack of power one minimum month early, So you'll very easily know and can replace the battery.

Bajaj engineering is a way better and as per users experience there is no such problems. Electric start technology has so much improved these days that there is no need of kick-start, many esteemed bikes are being offered without kick-start. In the end it is an excellent bike one should not ignore buying it just because of absence of kick-start.

We cannot install kick-start in this bike and if we try to do any such modification the warranty will be void.

The claimed mileage of this bike is 49.8 kmpl under standard testing condition, but the mileage as per users experiences is around 35 kmpl.

Neha   2015-07-29 18:09:01

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