By: Lamesh on 2015-07-11

Which bike should I bike Discover 150S or Avenger 220?

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If we compare the power then Avenger 220 is more powerful than Discover 150S as it is powered by 219.89cc engine which discharges peak power of 19.03 Ps @ 8400 rpm and torque of 17.5 Nm @ 7000 rpm while Discover 150S is powered by 144.8 cc engine which produces maximum power of 14.5 ps @ 8500 rpm and torque of 1.3 Kg-m @ 6500 (12.75 N-m)

The claimed mileage of Avenger 220 is 49.8 kmpl while the ARAI certified mileage of Discover 150S is 72 kmpl, the saddle height of Avenger 220 is 710mm while of Discover 150S is 795mm, Avenger 220 is featured with tube tyres while Discover 150S is with tubeless tyres. Avenger 220 is around 25 kg more heavily than Discover 150S.

So the end conclusion is if you want a power bike then Avenger should be your choice and if you want mileage with sufficient power then go for Discover 150S, our advise to you is to take a test drive of both the bikes with your wife sitting behind and check the comfortability as weight, saddle height and seat style of both the bikes are different.

Regarding exchange offer for CT 100 we advise you to contact your local dealer as it varies by location.

Partap   2015-09-02 10:51:07

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