By: Mishra on 2015-09-18

How can I reduce the seat height of my Bajaj Discover as per my comfort?

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You have two options to reduce your bike’s seat to your required height, first is to re-foamed and reshaped your bike’s seat although it little hard but allow you more comfortable ride than before and the second option is even hard than the former which is by lowering the suspension of the bike, it needs to be done carefully as lowering a bike changes the amount of lean angle available, changes the handling and impacts ground clearance for obstacles like speed bumps. Hard parts hit sooner than they would otherwise, and if done improperly make the bikes handling erratic and dangerous so we advise you to use the second option only if first option didn’t lower the bike to your required height, it will be better to consult some expert prior to working on second option.

Ushaan   2015-11-04 13:41:45

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