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*Ex-Showroom price:

40,500 – 47,405 *
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Key features
  • Engine: 102 Cc
  • Mileage: 96.9 Kmpl
  • Power: 8.1 - 8.2 bhp
  • Weight: 108 Kg
Bajaj Platina Price in India

Bajaj Platina Price in India

  • Pros

    • Great Mileage
    • Low Maintenance
    • Competitive Price
  • Cons

    • Underpowered Engine
    • Sluggish Even On Short Trips
    • Flimsy Build Quality

Bajaj Platina Overview

If your workplace is at a great distance from your residence and you want a bike but you just have a budget of 40-50 K, Bajaj has the perfect product for you. No, it’s not a scooter; it’s the Bajaj Platina Comfortec.Bajaj Platina Comfortec Overview The bike was introduced as a highly fuel-efficient and stylish-looking motorcycle and has now been around for quite a while. The 108 kg weight of the motorcycle does complete justice with the slim and sleek design.

Bajaj Platina Engine & Transmission

The Bajaj Platina Comfortec is powered by a 4-stroke air-cooled engine like the Bajaj CT 100.  The SOHC unit with a digital CDI system puts out 8.2 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and peak torque of 8.00 Nm at 4500 rpm, giving the bike a top speed of 91 kmph.Bajaj Platina Comfortec Engine & Transmission The rear gets the power via chain drive connected to a 4-speed constant mesh transmission. The engine on the bike is air cooled and the fuel system is a PTE 16 Manual Choke Carburettor.

Bajaj Platina Mileage

The tagline of Platina is “WORLD’S MILEAGE CHAMPION,” which does complete justice to its 104 kmpl certified mileage tag. The Platina Comfortec features a spring soft seat absorbing jerks from the bottom of the seat, rubber footpads for superior grip, extra-long double spring suspension for easily conquering the potholes and electric start button as standard.The Platina, as mentioned earlier is supposed to be a product with an equal balance between style & substance. Bajaj Platina Comfortec MileageSo what it means is a stylish low-cost product that does not hold back when it comes to providing high fuel economy. Bajaj ambitiously quotes an optimistic fuel economy figure of 80 kmpl. In reality, however, under typical Indian riding conditions, the bike does not live up to that claim & at best, in the city, you can expect a realistic fuel economy of 60-65 kmpl while on the highways, the figure will go up to 72-74 kmpl.  Still acceptable considering the vehicle is conceived for a different market segment altogether.

Bajaj Platina Performance and Handling

Head out on the road and the Platina shows what it is capable of. The front suspension features fork with 125 mm of travelBajaj Platina Comfortec Performance and Handling and the rear suspension features the Bajaj proprietary SNS or 'Spring in Spring' technology offering better damping and comfort over rutted broken surfaces. The unique 'ride control' switch keeps the rider keep riding in the necessary rpm range, thus ensuring that optimal fuel economy is obtained from the bike. The front and rear drum brakes provide optimum stopping power, and the 1275 mm long wheelbase ensures better stability and safety as compared to its rivals. 

Bajaj Platina Competitors

Bajaj Platina Competitors

Bajaj Platina
Bajaj Platina
40,500 – 47,405
Get on Road Price
102 Cc
96.9 Kmpl
8.1 - 8.2
CB Shine
Honda CB Shine
57,397 – 62,616
Bajaj Platina vs Honda CB Shine
124 Cc
65 - 74.7 Kmpl
TVS Sport
43,866 – 46,257
Bajaj Platina vs TVS Sport
99.7 - 100 Cc
80 Kmpl
Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Platina vs Bajaj Discover
124.6 Cc
82.4 Kmpl
* Showing information of base variants
Users Reviews

Bajaj Platina Users Reviews (24 reviews)

Not with expectation. Worst one. Feel cheated
Overall rating: 1.00 Reviewed By: Ganesh(Guest) on 04 Aug 2019
I purchased a Bajaj Platina 100CC motorcycle from Pioneer Motors Enchakkal, Trivandrum (sub office of Thycaud showroom) on 21-12-2018. From the day I purchased, I noticed a noise from the gear box or from the Engine side while running. I informed the Showroom Manager Mr.***********and he convinced me that this is a nor... Read full review »
Good and comfortable I also travelled more than a 700 kms in a day
Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Ajith T R(Guest) on 02 Apr 2019
Gear some time tight Read full review »
Don't buy platina
Overall rating: 1.00 Reviewed By: Suraj Choudhary(Guest) on 28 Jan 2019
There is a noise while acceleration and de -acceleration????, can't pull two persons like other 100cc bike does very nicely. It start vibrating above the speed of 45km Read full review »
Platina comfortec
Overall rating: 1.00 Reviewed By: MUKESH Kumar(Guest) on 24 Oct 2018
One side of my platina comfortec's back tyre has been cut Read full review »

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Bajaj Platina FAQs

1. What is the price of Bajaj Platina in India?

The price of Bajaj Platina ranges from INR40,500 to INR47,405, ex-showroom. The on-road price for different Bajaj Platina variants will vary depending on the city and the local RTA rules.

2. What are the benefits and disadvantages of Bajaj Platina?

Some of the clear advantages of the Bajaj Platina are its low pricing, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. This is standard for any Bajaj product. The disadvantages include flimsy build quality and underpowered engine.

3. How much mileage does the Bajaj Platina give?

The Bajaj Platina performs in a dual way and on the city roads it can give a mileage of 60-65 kmpl and on long drives, it can go up to 72-75 kmpl.

4. What are the engine specifications of Bajaj Platina?

Bajaj Platina Comfortec comes with a 4-stroke air-cooled engine similar to the Bajaj CT 100. The digital CDI system gives a power of 8.2 bhp at 7500 rpm, and a peak torque of 8.00 Nm at 4500 rpm. Even at a top speed of 91 kmph, the SOHC unit of the bike is capable of supreme delivery.

5. What about the transmission of the bike?

The transmission of Bajaj Platina is seamlessly enabled by the four-speed constant mesh transmission. The air-cooled engine in the bike along with the fuel system comes with a PTE 16-manual choke carburettor.

6. Give some details about the performance and handling of the bike?

Once you are on the road riding this bike, you will come to realize the real potential of the Platina. The front suspension features a 125mm of travel. The rear suspension is obviously powered with the spring-in-spring (SNS), a Bajaj patented technology. This enables the bike for increased comfort even on bad roads with ditches and potholes. It also comes with a unique ride control switch that helps the rider maintain the necessary rpm while ensuring mileage delivery. The front and the rear drum brakes provide the best stopping power and 1275 mm wheelbase provides stability, making it a safe ride.

7. What is the difference between Bajaj Platina Kickstart CBS and the Bajaj Platina Comfortec Alloy Wheels?

There is not much of a difference between these models. The Bajaj Platina Kickstart CBS comes with an electric start button, zero maintenance of the battery, alloy wheels, high ground clearance, and SNS suspension. The Bajaj Platina Comfortec Alloy Wheels offers alloy wheels, SNS suspension, long seats, and stylish design and 3-inch wide tyres.

8. Which is a better bike among the two models in Bajaj Platina?

Both the models from Bajaj Platina are equally good and it depends on the individual choice. Both these models are capable of higher on-road performance and fuel efficiency. However, Platina Comfortec is more stylish.

9. Is it a popular bike or a best seller?

Yes, Bajaj Platina is a popular bike. It has outsold all the other bikes in similar price range and competition.

10. How about servicing quality of Bajaj?

Bajaj being a home-grown company offers prompt service and bike parts are easily available. Most Bajaj bikes, including the Platina, are low-maintenance motorcycles.