By: Nijaumuin on 2015-07-15

What should I do to get the optimum mileage from Bajaj Platina?

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In order to get the optimum mileage certain instructions must be followed which are:

• Bike should be serviced on regular intervals.
• Bike should be driven at the optimum speed, for bikes it is economical to go in the 40-60 kmph speed if you increase speed beyond this, more fuel gets consumed.
• Correct tyres pressure should be maintained.
• Drive chain should be adjusted correctly.
• Clutch lever should not be pressed for long while driving.
• Engine should not be run in low gears for long.
• Do not park your bike under direct sunlight as it causes evaporation of petrol.
• Switch off the engine if the traffic halt is more than 30 seconds.

The ARAI certified mileage of Bajaj Platina is 96.9 kmpl which is recorded under the standard testing condition the mileage in the real world will also be comparatively low as there are traffics, traffic stops, gear change etc.

Wasim   2015-08-03 12:47:21

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