By: balachandran on 2015-02-13

What is the purpose of the second cable going through the acceleration throttle?
The accelerator cable is in platina bike is twisted two, one goes thought needle, second one goes to a black devise near a coil. what is the use and function of second cable?

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Hello Balachandran..

According to me you must be mistaken with the second cable as there is only one cable going from the accelerator throttle of Bajaj Platina. The purpose of that cable is to connect the throttle with the engine. Although there is one more cable going through the same way which is linked to the break of front wheel and another wire goes for brake light fixed at the back just above the number plate whose function is to turn on when breaks are applied for safety purpose.


Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 14:48:18

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