By: Anbhig on 2015-07-01

Can ABS be installed on the rear wheel of Bajaj Pulsar?

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However, theoretically we all know the front brakes are far more responsible for the efficient braking and therefore ABS on front wheel makes a sensible choice but as far as the current scene in the market; considering Apache and CBR both having dual channel ABS

ABS system can be installed on the rear wheel of RS 200 but you can’t do it yourself, it would require a Bajaj’s mechanic and moreover it wouldn't even be able to be done by a normal dealer shop mechanic. The process is even expensive as lots of changes are to be done with the bike. It would require a MAJOR tear-down of the bike and a heavy investment in new parts to come up with an ABS system for a bike that doesn't have it from the factory.

Parth   2015-08-31 18:09:47

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