By: Alkeh on 2015-09-04

Are the brakes of Bajaj Pulsar are good for safety?

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Brakes of the Bajaj Pulsar bikes are of best quality, Bajaj doesn’t compromise with its product quality and never with things like brake as it is the most important safety system. Pulsar 135, 150 & 180 is featured with disc brake on front wheel and drum brake on rear while Pulsar 200 & 220 is featured with disc brakes on both wheels, for extra security Pulsar RS 200 is featured with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) it prevents the wheels of a powered two wheeler from locking during braking situations by adjusting the pressure of the brake fluid in order to keep traction and avoid fall downs. ABS helps the rider to maintain stability during braking and to decrease the stopping distance thus it increases the safety of the rider.

Anant   2015-11-04 13:33:41

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