By: Tikam on 2016-03-14

Why didn’t you provide rear disc brake in Bajaj V?

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First of all, we want to let you know that we are not the manufacture of Bajaj V bike, Bajaj company is the manufacturer. The reason for not providing rear disc brake may be that rear disc brakes are generally not required in a 150cc bike as front wheel brake has to do more amount of work as compared to the rear wheel brake therefore disc brake is provided on front wheel only, another reason for not providing rear disc brake might be company’s marketing strategy to offer it on affordable price as the drum brakes are comparatively cheap so having them on the rear saves cost without compromising stopping efficiency much in a 150cc bike.

You also asked about foot-rest, so we would like to say that foot-rests are not a thing to worry about if you don’t like them you can install aftermarket foot-rests whichever you like as they don’t cost too much.

Yasim   2016-03-21 15:22:36

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