By: Om on 2016-05-10

Is Bajaj V better than Pulsar 180?

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Both are different type of bikes, Pulsar 180 DTSi is a sports type bike while Bajaj V is a commuter type bike, hence 180 DTSi is tuned for more power while Bajaj V is tuned for more torque, rear suspension in 180 DTSi is nitrox mono-shock while in Bajaj V it is twin spring gas filled hydraulic. DTSi has only self-start option while Bajaj V has both kick & self-start options; both have disc brake on front and drum brake on rear wheel. As per user reviews mileage of 180 DTSi is 40-45 kmpl while of Bajaj V is 50-55 kmpl.

So, the final decision rests on your need & preference, if you want a sports type bike with better power and speed then DTSi 180 should be your choice and if you want a commuter bike with better mileage, relatively better comfort, for long driving and day to day use then go for Bajaj V. We advise you to take a test drive of both to ensure your driving comfort.

Kaniska   2016-05-12 18:11:44

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